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2015: St. George Island- Missing Two

It was a different kind of week but it was certainly another memorable year on the books at St. George.  {That’s Bill’s cycling shirt Blake has squeezed into-- revealed at time of photo.}  The anticipation of it this summer was longer because we went later-- just getting in the car on Friday with my family of four kicks off the fun.  I truly look forward to the ride-- the getting there.  

We drive until it’s just not safe to be behind the wheel {Get ready, Julia!  Your turn is coming soon!} And we stay at really nice hotels motels with cool comforters and fancy breakfasts.

As soon as we see the water, we roll the windows down to smell the ocean air.  And of course, we have a song.

We are all so grateful for this time in such a beautiful place.  It’s still fairly empty, pretty quiet and as lazy as an island comes, but this year the winds had a relentless work out.  They never stopped so neither did the waves or the strong rip currents.  There were only a couple of times when the sand got caught up in it making it a little tricky to sit out in it.  Because of the rough waters, paddle boards and kayaks were not as appealing this year— too much work and the waters would be difficult to navigate.  We had sat comfortably in our chairs and watched plenty others fight the direction of the water— to no avail.  Other than that, the constant wind kept us comfortable as we enjoyed the beach— that is, if we could grip our books firmly enough.

First day-- saying hello to the beach

Just the girls-- guessing our boys are too old for such a silly tradition.  

This was our 12th year and the hardest thing about this year was neither RJ nor Hunter could be with us.  If RJ had not been drafted by the Cardinals, he would have been in his first semester of pharmacy school so we would have missed him either way.  Hunter was in charge of recruitment for her sorority and our late date this year conflicted with that.  We are hoping to have her back NEXT year.  The younger cousins completely took over the bunk room normally shared between RJ, Hunter and my kids.  In the bedroom next door, Jeff and I got to hear all the late night antics and giggles—until one of us had to shut it down.  They had a ball.

And yes, we ate it all.  WITHOUT RJ AND HUNTER. {There was some powdered sugar left in the Ladyfinger container, Hunter.}

Blake and Adele got there late and the kids had been scheming their welcome all day.  Blake was showered with 5 cans of silly string.  They hid themselves and were ready to pounce as he got out of this car.  Blake spotted one of them but there was no getting out of this one.  He had to get out and take it like a man- a man who had dished out plenty before.  The scheming did not stop here— for either side.

I’m terribly sad I didn’t get pictures/videos of the kids attempting the whip and nay-nay as it was a bit of a joke all week but I did get on camera THIS LATEST TREND for the “middles”-- that would be those of us in our 40’s.  

Only Bill and Adele were cool enough to pull this look off--highly intelligent, protecting their eyes on many levels and confident in the aging process.

We all got plenty of sun but we had some showers to dodge.  Patty and I held up under the tent to let a couple of rains pass.  We had our trusty weather tracker apps and the “stay alert” button on WeatherBug that kept us from having to guess on the proximity of lightening.  {Our sensitivity to lightening is a long story.}

But then we got to see things like this.

And still enjoys days like this.  I love this beach.

Brayden had to do beach week with a BROKEN COLLAR BONE.  He was a trooper in these rough waters!

First year for this.....

They talked us into Aunt Ebby’s EARLY this year- knowing we’d take them back on the last night.  They got a NEW sign.  Moving up on SGI.

Cards, cards, cards!!  Every day and night for this crew {minus Blake and Adele}

I think Bill likes Mom’s new card shuffler.  Adele doesn’t trust it.

Of course, I am between the 2 most obnoxious card players in the room.  We won EVERY night, didn’t we, Patty and Adele?

The water was just really rough-- too rough for wading out fishing.  They fished but not as much as they would have had RJ been there.

We are always fascinated by the sharks-- no matter what size.

Brighton-- holding it like a natural. ; )

Flying a miniature kite is hard with just one hand!

Untangling mini kites with two hands is really hard.  And if you don’ t believe me, look at this next face.  {Notice our Spokane Indian swag.}

It was a beautiful night, though.  

Patty and I resorted to taking a selfie since we are the only ones taking pictures.  She’s my annual beach bum.  We did this when we were 13 and now we are 40 something!  We missed some years in between but we’ve had so much fun these past 12 summers.  {Just remind me NOT TO DO Cross Fit training with her on Tuesday morning.  My beach chair sits REALLY low to the ground.} We’ve read some great books these past 12 years and Charles Martin DID NOT disappoint this summer!  If you haven’t read his Water From My Heart book, go get it now.

Patty and I picked up these two good looking cyclists on the bridge.  They looked nice enough.  Their tires were flat and we needed someone to help us with our groceries.

Of course, I love this.  She’ll always fit.

Uncle George trying to see why the water isn’t getting hot for the Low Country Boil--- my Daddy is doing some serious watching.

A simple picture but just an interaction that tells me that Daddy is pulling his leg about something and B is not falling for it.  

And of course, there are the picture sessions....

My cousin, Patty, and her beautiful family

And......we’re done.  

Two Scoops

The Two Scoops Club

The Two Scoops Challenge
{who could eat it the fastest}

Saturday morning before jumping in the car-- Hello and Goodbye weren’t near enough apart.

And that’s a wrap.  St. George 2015 in a BUNCH of pictures.  Thanks, Mom and Dad for a great week!

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