Monday, March 16, 2015

Today, I'm the Mom........

Today, I’m the mom who didn’t take her child’s forgotten lunch back to the school so he would have something to eat for lunch.  I’m banking on the fact that maybe, just maybe, it will keep him from flunking out of college because if you don’t remember to take your stuff to class, you can’t squeeze by, can you?

Today, I’m the mom who stayed at school and prayed with a friend— and I didn’t want to at all.  I wanted to come home to my quiet house, fix a cup of coffee and sit.  By myself.  But I was blessed beyond measure by my friend’s faithfulness to pray for me, for my children and for our school.

Today, I’m the mom who didn’t take her child’s - also forgotten- piano books to school so he’d have them at his lesson that he is taken to right after school.  I am telling myself that one day it will save this child’s hiney from getting fired from the job.  I mean, you can’t keep a job if you can’t remember to take whatever it is you take to a job nowadays— or in a few years, can you?

Today, I’m the mom who is very concerned about what the sitter will think of her when the forgetful child asks her if she will drive him all the way home to pick up his piano books while his sister has her lesson— and I am right here perfectly capable of bringing them to him.   And if she doesn’t agree to this, I am concerned what the piano teacher will think of me when she finds out that he forgot his books…. again…. and that I didn’t bring them to him.

Today, I’m the mom who ate date night leftovers for lunch while taking over 700 pictures off her phone wondering if she will ever get them deleted, grouped, edited and titled.  All I need is about 24 uninterrupted hours in my office.  Piece of cake.  Cake would be really good right now.

Today, I’m the mom who is struggling to figure out if I am at all doing this parenting thing right.  And if having him go without lunch or showing up again to piano with no books is really going to make a difference in the long run.  How many times does it take?  How much stomach growling has to occur?  How many disappointed looks/talks from Dr. Fritz does it take to remember his piano books?  Do I take his 11 year old hand and walk him over to the “Sunday Night List” and make him stand in front of it and read it aloud to me? Sometimes parenting feels like a guessing game- or a game of concentration and all of the cards are different.

Today, I’m the mom who is in the 4th week of Lent and only on the 2nd week of devotionals.  I’m not focused nor anticipating, well, the most significant event in all of history.  That makes me sad, but now is a new moment.  And I can't believe He did what He did for me.

Today, I’m the mom whose stomach is already churning thinking about teaching Bible study at church Wednesday and Thursday and wonders why she ever agrees to doing it.  And then I think how much His Word has meant to me all these years and how it’s been a lifeline in Lonely and Hard to Understand times and then I think, ‘Oh yeah, I remember.  I want them to know that.’ And I think how much richer my thoughts are from being in His Word a few extra hours preparing.  The stomach whirling is worth it.  Most definitely.

Today, I’m the mom who has to figure out dinner soon, who loved going to see Cinderella over the weekend, who has laundry behind her to fold, a 3rd cup of coffee beside her- not finished, mind you, a mattress full of Golden Retriever hair on her floors {at least a very large pillow}, thank you notes to write, a lovely 13 year old to take to ballet, a fun-loving 11 year old boy to kill some time with, a forgotten check to put in the mail to a dear friend {I’m SO sorry!!}, kids’ consignment clothes to sort, summer camps to register for and a stack full of books she wants to read— yesterday.

Today, I'm the mom who felt something crawling on her arm inside her jacket and screamed like a crazy person as she jumped out of the car to get IT OUT of her jacket.  It was the ugliest, nastiest monstrosity of a flying bug I've ever seen in Texas.  I jumped and danced and flicked my coat until there is NO bug or dust or dog hair on it whatsoever.  The piano teacher's neighbors got a good freak show.

Today, I am the mom with a God who is constant and good and mighty and loving.  I have a  marked up Bible with crinkled pages, two kids who are morphing into little adults as I watch them tell me about their day, who keep me in that marked up Bible and a husband I really love who takes great care of me and the kids.

Today, I am the mom who is thankful.

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