Monday, March 23, 2015

Rockport Reprise {Spring Break 2015}

Heading south on 35 is a fun drive.  We’ve not stopped at or detoured to all of the fun things down that way, but I like the drive.  Our friends let us use their cute cottage in Rockport-- same as last year but we can get comfortable like that.  

First stop-- Health Camp in Waco.  The kids hadn’t heard of it so it was fun giving them healthy menu options on the way down and then getting there and being SO EXCITED they weren’t having a beet shake for lunch.

Any girls who love “home” must stop here.

Absolutely NO point to this picture-- but their expressions are great for a pointless picture.  Waiting on Dad in the shoe shop.

 A little view of the cute cottage

When you have several days in a cold and rainy beach/bay town, you visit things like this.

Our first theme night was Zorro Night-- beginning the Zorro movies.  Our get ups were primitive.  We learned to tango via You Tube.  Capes and the tango are not a good combination for beginners.

Our second theme night was Sports Night-- a reprise from last year.  McFarland coming out made that an easy choice.  We LOVED this movie.

Mad Galaga skills, I tell you

B was in charge of games.

We played Pictionary, Apples to Apples, and Taboo.  Jeff had the great idea of playing for prizes and the competition heated up.  Amazon cards were the hottest commodity.

Pirates of the Caribbean night-- introducing the kids to Captain Jack Sparrow for the first time

The sun REALLY wanted to come out!!

We must have chosen the most difficult puzzle of all time-- for beginners anyway {the tango and the puzzle}.  Jeff gets FULL credit for pushing through and completing this one.  I tried to help.  I really did.

We rode the ferry over to Port Aransas {"Port A” as Texans call it-- or shave in their chest hair, RC!} This picture embodies the essence of every small beach town.

This Live Oak tree near Fulton boasts to be nearly 1500 years old.  Now, this is a detour.

Combining all of my favorite things-- my family, a fire and the beach

Old car museum on the drive home--- we took this one for Doodle.

These memories-- as simple as they may be- are the most special.  The four of us.  The family God put together with a creativity only He possesses and unusual routes.

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