Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow 2015

Two cold waves blew through last week-- Monday and then again on Friday.  Friday’s appearance was much prettier--once everyone was home to enjoy it.  It came faster and was more dangerous to drive on that was anticipated so what seemed like a normal Friday morning turned into “get home as soon as you can”!

Clean snow for snow cream

This was a different day it came through and didn’t stick--as badly as they wanted it to.

Fun times with Emily and Uno

Friday!!  It came fast and furious and it stuck!!!

 Missed the kiss

Got the kiss. ; )

Getting a little cabin fever energy out

Our Wisconsin cheese head LOVES the snow.

This was taken at 10:30 Saturday night with no flash.  I call it “snow glow”.  The whole neighborhood was lit up like this.  It was beautiful.

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