Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pericope No. 10 {Parts of the Whole}

If for nothing else, a camera makes us stop.  Early on, I wrote about why I love “making pictures” and not one word would I change but I would add- MAKE MORE, TAKE MORE- however you say it.  {My friend Sarah in her houseful of boys is amazing at it.  Go click by for a visit here and be inspired.}  

I have a love hate relationship with my phone-- or anyone’s phone for that matter.  We can all name a kabillion reasons why we love our smart phone and how USEFUL it is, but the fact that I almost always have a camera WITH me has to be in the top three. Two, possibly?  A smart phone’s one redeeming sentimental quality.  It’s a camera.  A pretty good one too.

A camera catches parts of the whole--  parts that would be long forgotten had we not dug into our purses or ran back to our cars and grabbed our camera phone.  I still use a real live camera but I am finding more and more the best camera is the one I have with me and of course, that’s my phone.  {I think I stole that from somewhere on the www.}

We are so blessed.  I am grateful to God everyday for the people He has placed in our lives.  These pictures just remind me I need to make MORE pictures because I am missing so many friends!


We’ve oohhed and ahhed over a few Lego creations.

I found a year old sussie from that girl who lives in a house full of boys. I didn’t know it was taped into those cute little notepads she gave me.

B’s Sonatina Festival

Julia’s first D-Town {basically a Disciple Now weekend}

And she packed this necessity.  She had no idea she wouldn’t have a second to read.

They packed food for a food pantry.

My niece and nephew on Opening Day for Armstrong’s baseball season-- I wasn’t there but someone’s PHONE was making sure I at least had a picture.  Hoping I get to one, RJ!

 A few favorite things from some pretty special gals

No words for this poster.

I’ve read a few books with these two sweet first graders.

Home:  definitely my favorite place to be

These two are a backyard fixture.  Together.  Always.

We’ve mixed this yum up a few times and downed a few glasses of milk.

Feeling loved from a very long distance.

I love B peeking through the door in this one.

Poor cat.  Now that it has warmed up she does not have to be subjected to these indoor cat shenanigans.

Since she keeps her pillow under our roof, she’s a big part of our whole.  We love this girl.  So much.

Caramel icing and wondering if Grandmother Julia really wanted us to get this right. ; )

Homework is homework, wherever you do it.

And a pup on your bee-hiney doesn’t even help.

A lemon bar can make it a little more bearable.

And I actually like homework at Corner Bakery.

They each spilled something within seconds of each other.

And a Saturday morning with nowhere to go, all with hot drink in hand, no television in the background, just conversation--- this is what fills my cup.  And overflows.
Home is for this kind of stuff.

PARTS like this make the WHOLE stick together.  Yes?


Emily said...

Wow, nothin like a big pic of just my face! HA! Thanks for including me. You know how much I love that my pillow rests under this roof. I also love all the snapshots of the every day happenings. Such wonderful memories of the dailies.

Sarah said...

You make great pictures! Thanks for the shout out, but I swear I learned it from YOU! Love these posts!

Alyssa said...

Grateful you take pictures and share them! Please keep taking more! Love the bond between Gabe and Julia!