Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Girl Birthday #12 {12?!?!?!?}

Twelve really does come after 11.  She wanted a small sleepover with Italian food, games she had planned and an “old movie”, not like one from the 90’s but like the 50’s.  I said YES!!  Of course, I did.

Her Uncle Blake always kicks off the celebration with yellow roses for his Yellow Rose of Texas.  The first time he sent them, we were in Louisiana in awe of this little bundle God had given us.

I love how sweet siblings get on birthdays.

And wonder if it’s because they want first dibs on the goods.  {Invest in these if you don’t already- Adventures in Odyssey CD’s!}

And if you want to see a 12 year old girl growing up in Fort Worth happy, happy, happy……..

Give her a pair of boots.

Her guests ranged from 4th grade to 7th-- and I loved that so much.

Jeff, Brighton and I were the servers, filling complicated orders from the menu.

And maybe my favorite part was that they sat here for a couple of hours and talked.

And found it very easy to swing back into sheer silliness!

Julia, you planned a GREAT party.  I LOVE your friends so much.  Can’t wait until next year!


Emily said...

Toll House PIIIEEEE!!!!

Sarah said...

Seeing this makes me want to turn 12 and be Julia's friend! Do you think I'd be cool enough?? :)

Alyssa said...

Julia's reaction to the boots is priceless!