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Brothers, Sisters and Memories {2013 Month by Month}

I’ve got a brother of my own.  If you’ve known me long, you’ve heard me talk about him.  We are two years apart and in our childhood home, we had our good days, which were really, really good and we had our bad days, which were really, really bad.  If you care for more detail, I chronicled some memories here and here. {And Blake, you really should go back and read those.  Those two posts are almost as bad as the 40th birthday letter you wrote to me-- which I have only read once- because it was an ordeal with tissues, mascara and such AND it might make you want to send me a really nice present for my birthday this year!}
So, I love my brother and I pray often that Julia and Brighton will have the same affection for each other.  A friend shared a book with me once that highlighted the fact that in normal life patterns, your sibling is the single person you will know the longest in your life.  Jeff and I are trying to foster this, but I think we are in the season of the “really, really bad” days.  Oh, it’s not terrible but there is plenty of picking and nagging and “STOP IT!!!!!!”  I’m just really thankful no one is throwing punches.

The following pictures were taken at “really, really good” moments.

January:  Sleepy faces- playing in the dusting of snow before school.  Just like a girl, she’s got all her winter garb on-- a chance to wear it!  B, well, he has on Crocs and my gloves.  It must have been “free dress day” because B has on his uniform and Julia does not.  This is typical too-- it’s just easier for him to put on his uniform.  Clothes are clothes.  NOT a statement.

February:  Another morning shot-- I think during breakfast before school.  I’ve always seen similarities in their faces, but as they get older, the harder it is to see but I like that I can see it in this one.

March:  the traditional Easter picture. Spring clothes on winter skin.  Daddy always made sure this was done-- usually in front of blooming azaleas or dogwood trees.  I think I have gotten it done but boxwood just isn’t the same.

April:   Julia and Jeff made this swing as soon as it warmed up and it lasted a few months but with rides like this, it was bound to fall.  And it did.  There is much I love about this picture-- their bare feet, her PRARIE dress {that my mom made per Julia’s request} and their big, big grins.

May:  Recital and yes, he played just like that.  We barely made it from his game and I could not imagine having him put on khakis and a button down all hot and sweaty.  Thanks to these piano events, federations, festivals and recitals, Julia and Brighton receive affirmations of their work throughout the year. I am grateful they are still sticking it out with piano.  I love hearing them play in our home and am grateful for the opportunity for lessons.  {Dr. Fritz-- you are awesome.} 

June:  Yes, June!  With jackets on!  We had a strange cool front blow through and we took full advantage of it.  He had no idea she was making a silly face or he would have, for sure, had one on too!

July:  Baking for the beach.  I keep wondering when getting the Kitchen Aid out won’t bring the excitement it does now-- or the LOVE for everyone in your house.  I guess we ALL get excited at the thought of treats-- we just show it differently!  {Come quickly, July!  We are ready for you already!} 

August:  Back to school- so soon!-- and the hair that didn’t get cut beforehand.  He hates this picture because of it. But look-- new shoes, BELTS!!, a really white shirt, hair down {NOT in a ponytail}…. and their backpacks are stuffed with clean paper and sharpened pencils.  I can smell it now!  

September:  Well, of course I love this one… The rental house, our little kitchen, this cool floor that was maddening to keep clean.  This was the most wide open space in the whole house so it saw many ballet turns and on a few occasions, this dance.  

October:  Spirit Day.  In case you were wondering, CLPS’s colors are blue and green.  These days are always super fun.  But more fun when I remember to buy the hair paint at Walgreens the night before.

November:  The Move.  If you received our Christmas card, you saw this one but it’s a great “moving month” picture.  These two were troopers in the move-- and one of ours has a really hard time with change-- so I was proud of them both staying with friends and doing school with other families while we tried to get things finished and settled.  It was a huge month for all of us.

December:  I don’t think they have EVER fought on Christmas Eve. ; )  What a fun time.  Julia stuck with me through all of the decorating-- and because of her, we didn’t skimp because of The Move- which I was tempted to do.  It was a blessing to be “settled” as we celebrated Jesus’ birthday.  

"Julia and Brighton” -- it comes out of my mouth as easily as peanut butter and jelly.  I love these two.  I love how different they are and how I get to experience “girl” and “boy”.  The paths are diverging more quickly now at these ages.  But I love them together-- as a team.  I like to see them figure out how the other one can help- how they actually might need each other from time to time.  I love knowing they have conversations that I will, quite possibly, never know about.  I love how their story is similar in its beginnings and I love ESPECIALLY how God went to so much trouble to ensure they would be brother and sister.  

I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for that.

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Emily said...

Not going to lie, this post made me tear up a little at the end. I LOVE THESE TWO TOO!!! Not like you, but like a big sister/aunty loves loves loves her family. So blessed to be a part.