Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Road Trip #1

We checked off Summer Road Trip #1 last night about 10:30.  I’ll have more to say and more pictures another day but I did learn some new things about my family while we were in the car:

Julia would rather drink a hot can of ginger ale than go in the gas station and ask if there is a charge for a cup of ice.  Her solution ~ as her solution has always been ~ ask her brother to do it who would ask a squirrel in winter for its very last nut AND walk away with it.

Jeff knows the lyrics to the song Big Green Tractor.    I did a double take and wondered who was driving our car down I-20.  Has he ever ridden on a big green tractor?  My city boy.  He actually knows a John Deere from a Kubota, but where he might consider a Kubota, a true country boy would never.  {“They ain’t from around these parts.”}
He went on to notice how many of the country songs mention Georgia.  I then gave him my spill on how Georgia is really the most “Southern” state -- even though Florida is more south-- it’s not even close to “Southern”.  Maybe parts of northern Florida but that’s about it.  Now, I LOVE Florida, but only for its beaches-- and for offering hushpuppies instead of fries with every meal.  Southern hospitality has been diluted there by, well, you know.......those snow birds.  Am I going to post that?

Brighton can fill up a Starbucks grande cup several times a day.  That’s all I’ll say about that.  Except that I have a new deep gratitude for those little green stoppers Starbucks has.  Also, he plays VERY little on hand held devices in car when minutes must be earned by reading.  Not. Giving. Up.

Me? I'm totally normal - no surprises, no idiosyncrasies whatsoever.

I found something else out while in the car but not about my family.  As Jeff and I charged each other’s phones or answered texts for each other-- because we'd NEVER text while driving....I noticed something on his lists of texts.  I saw a couple from men that had smiley faces on them.  Not the ones you make with a colon and a right parenthesis but the ones you purposefully download an app for......with a mongo range of emotions to express.  I think they are actually called emoticons or something.  I am all for men showing emotions but these little pictures on their texts caught me off guard.   Maybe their phone changes certain symbols to these faces without their knowing..... maybe they find them easy to communicate what they want without typing letters.  I don’t know but enough on that.

We spent a quick 24 hours in Soperton to load the wood Jeff and crew had pulled over spring break.  I won’t forget this sweet labor of love that took me eight years to get him used to the idea.  I am so glad the wood is finally in Fort Worth!  Thank you, Jeff!

And Gabe took good care of Risky while we were gone.  We weren't sure if kitty would still be with us when we returned.  So this was a relief.

It was hard to awaken my kids this morning for Kids Kamp when I knew they would have slept for a VERY LONG time.  They played hard and enjoyed their cousins and grandparents in Atlanta.  I look forward to posting pictures of time with the Sanders/Speirs real soon!

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