Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pericope No.8 {Summer and Misplaced Nesting}

It's Thursday!! {NOT Tuesday!!}  Summer is in full swing as our last day of school was the Thursday before Memorial Day.  Our days are COMPLETELY different now and the first two weeks of summer have been.......well, glorious.  Late night reading and lazy mornings.  And I have no math papers to grade.  Yes.  I am all about summer.

So here are my "parts of the whole".

They started framing our home on Monday of this week.  I love “they”.  Lots of love will be going out to “they” over the next few months.  Without “they”, we’d all be in a mess.  So the first problem is, I am nesting. Too early. Is that right?  Like, I want to set up another home.  This rental home is great but I am on to the next place in my mind.  I am accumulating things for later.  I like to purchase things bit by bit as I don’t like to spend a whole bunch of money at once.  The second problem is we are running out of room here.  I have ugly evidence.

This space gets the MVP-- 2 lamps, 2 lamp shades, an owl made of driftwood, a 72" grill cover, a pot, asparagus fern, a Jedi light saber and 3 European shams.

And down the side of that armoire....This lovely stack has changed many times-- light fixtures-- not "corrosive"-- just used boxes off Etsy, I guess, curtains from Restoration Hardware outlet, inserts for silver drawers, pillow covers...  The boxes serve as a great drink rest for when I get to read!

Clothes that won't fit in the tee-niny closets and new sheets and comforters for new home

Bathroom mirrors on Jeff's side of the bed

And that from only my bedroom.  This pile above has only been there since the week we moved in and it's RIGHT beside my bed.  I look at it several times a day, dig stuff out several times a week and refill the box with new random things.  It's bad.  But there is no where to put these things.  Promise.

How do you like the cooler look in the dining room?  I used it back in February for a retreat and it sat there until about 2 weeks ago after Jeff said, "Now you are just showing off."  When I realized it was becoming a functional dropping place, I moved it.  Hardly to a better place but at least it's not in the dining room.  

This is the kind of thing I find myself getting happy about picking up-- a dish towel to go in that pile beside my bed.  And if I were the kind of person to give household advice, I would say buy your kitchen towels in the BATH section-- fluffier and MUCH prettier!

We started off the summer with a couple of piano things-- a piano guild here in town and then traveling down to San Marcos/San Antonio area so Julia could play in the State Federation competition.  

We spent one day at Sea World.

Shopping at outlets... and finding something we'd been looking for.

Then we came to the cat saga.  I won't bore you with all the details but here are the main points:
Got boat out of storage.
Stray cat had kittens in our boat.
Kittens road in boat to our house without Momma Cat.
Kittens petrified, hid themselves and did what kittens do--- in the boat.
Jeff wants kittens OUT.
Jeff stalks boat.  These kittens are street smart.

After one week and one day, not without MUCH drama {even human bloodshed}, all kittens removed from boat.
Kittens don't like dog kennels.
However, Jeff has soft spot for one kitten in particular.
Creative homes found for 2 other kittens.
I find cat food in kitchen cabinet.

Meet Risky.

My best laundry tip to date {money left in pockets}-- this will buy many Sonic Happy Hour drinks this hot summer.  Very happy.

Maybe the most exciting thing to start off our summer-- pouring the foundation and seeing the house go up.

Lazy mornings to snuggle with B fresh out of the shower.  {I left this one extra dark on purpose.}

Realized the other night I had had this shirt longer than I had had B.  I have things older--sweatshirts, t-shirts etc but I would never wear them out of the house!  I knew it was old, but I didn't realize how old.

Love the margin of summer--- for friends {and their parents}, for Legos and for snow cones

Grateful for Jim Redwine and the Thursday Boys crew-- the highlight of B's Thursdays for sure.

They beat the Dads EASILY!!

Big part of summer-- reading all the books we can't read during the school year!

Hoping YOUR summer will start by Friday afternoon if it hasn't already started-- don't fill up all the space.  Engage and Enjoy-- my mantra for now.
Happy Summer!!


Emily said...

Love Beckett's face in the sno-cone pic.

Alyssa said...

So glad you had time to blog! It's always fun to see what you've been up to!