Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Farm to Table

Jeff and I often say that Julia was born in the wrong century.  She still loves prairie dresses and spends her money on calligraphy pens.  One Christmas I wrote that she was torn between crocheted shawls and North Face jackets.  I think the real deal is she’s caught in the middle of growing up.  Cartoons and “real” movies.  Chapstick and lip gloss.  Flats and wedges.  Nancy Drew mysteries and some books I’m just not real sure about.  Sharing a room with her brother and having a huge need for privacy.  I do wonder if her love for history and simpler times will stick with her through the transition to young lady.  If not, I wonder what will fill up that hole because it will be a big one, but right now, it’s still full.

When my friend Nikki emailed me about Elizabeth Anna’s Farm to Table Camp, I didn’t even ask Julia if she wanted to do it.  It was a no-brainer after I read the description:

“The course consists of a whirlwind A-Z on the world of permaculture. Activities will range from the basics of edible and ornamental gardening, farm to fork cuisine, basic animal husbandry and the philosophies behind natural gardening.”

 I just signed her up.  And I am so glad I did.

She brought home a few things each day, but my favorite was this--

She filled it with words.

The Garden

A secret place you can come to
A wonderful place to see
A place full of colorful plants
just for you and me.

Let's go to a garden, 
just you and me.
A secret place, a wonderful place
that you should really see.

Early in the morning, the rooster starts to crow.
Everything in the garden starts to show.
The beautiful color, the flowers in bloom,
But by the time it gets to noon
They are thirsting for water.  

Ducks waddle.
Chickens scuttle.
Ladybugs crawl.
Butterflies flit and fly.
Songbirds soar.
Goats clop.
I stop and look around some more.


Alyssa said...

Her poetry is breathtaking, and this camp sounds like the best camp I've ever heard of! What a neat way to kick off summer!

Emily said...

When in the world did you find time to blog today? You ARE a machine.