Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Soperton Shoot: Hunter, Julia and Meghan

I just had to say "shoot".  Every wanna be wants to say they did a "shoot".  So I just did.  The front of my Daddy's pharmacy looks like any other well kept small town store but the back...well, it could use a little love-- some weed eating, some clearing, some painting etc.  However, it made great backgrounds for pictures and Momma's living room antiques made it a little more interesting.  And maybe these cute girls will take your eyes off the parts of the pictures that reveal how little I know about my camera and its settings.  One day I'll learn.

This is my niece, Hunter. She's seventeen and her senior year starts this week.  I've been taking pictures of her since the day I met her.  I love this girl.

We may be in Soperton, but these boots are from TEXAS!

These teenagers love this "serious" look, but I just can't figure out why when you have a smile like this with seriously dangerous voltage.

And her contagious, full body laughter.... that could light up Texas' power grid.

Loosening up her brother RJ

Meet his special Meghan...

who strums a guitar for Jesus

throws like an athlete and likes to sleep.

So, our thought for this field behind our house was horses in the background but way more BACK!  We came through the gate, unloaded the couch and they wanted to be right there with us.

So we just took pictures WITH them.

Then Hunter tells me to sit down with Julia and when I least expected to be on the other side of the camera...

I now have a picture to treasure.


Emily said...

BEAUTIFUL! Love the horses!

Alyssa said...

Such beautiful pictures of beautiful people! I want to schedule a "shoot" with you!

andrea said...

very beautiful people in your shoot! Hunter has some amazing eyes and to die for hair. Julie is growing up way too fast...what a beauty (inside and out)