Thursday, August 16, 2012

Missing You Already

Even though laced with excitement, this back to school countdown is munching away the last few days of sleeping in, sitting by the pool and loosey goosey bedtimes.  I am sad to say goodbye to this wonderful thing called summer.  We lingered, but summer did not.  The last three weeks have brought us to the finish line happy campers.  We are so grateful for the summer we've had.

The day after we returned from our beach vacation with 14 of our favorite people-- plus 6 more favorites {all family!} at a different beach on the way home, Jeff and I celebrated 20 years of marriage.   TWENTY years.  Praise the Lord.  We have a special plan for September but loved getting in a quiet meal downtown on the actual day.

I took my planning retreat for the fall the next day-- calendaring every event possible, redoing farm chore charts, their daily lists and then planning the "exposure" I like to include each school year- composers, artists, operas, poets, writers, Latin, geography etc.  It was mine and Jessica's fifth year to go.  This trip to her grandmother's home looked a little different for both of us as our kids are making transitions this year.  Mine will be going two days a week and they will be home with me the other three.  We are staying with all of the same core curriculum which thrills me!  We are losing some of our flexibility we've had over these last few years but I think overall everyone is pumped about this new experience.  Julia is most excited about plaid uniforms and we had to make a special stop Monday for this.

{She purchased with her money.  It was that important. Bow or propellor, I'm not sure...}

After I had spent what seemed like an entire paycheck on school supplies I dumped them on the floor and let the kids sort them out by the lists.  They had way more fun doing that than tagging behind me in 3 stores with 2 lists and a dazed look on my face.  And yes, I did find the GREEN 3 brad folder WITH POCKETS.  Vinyl.  Yes, I did.

Anyone with kids who lives in this town knows where I made this party hat.  You also know I spent way too much time on it.  Can you tell I needed some creative outlet??  The fact that it made it home unscathed speaks volumes of my pride and how I needed to see- and keep- something started and completed!  So now I have a party hat.  No possibly thoughtful, meaningful words to write, but a really cute party hat.

Our last three weeks have been a great finish but Sunday night, I realized this truly was the last week of summer for us.  I'd like to finish fun.  Have a party hat kind of week.  Since it's only Wednesday, I'm not sure yet how we are doing, but I hope we can say our last week of summer was one of the best ones yet.

Goodbye summer.  I will miss you EVERYday until you come back.


Sarah said...

Those sweet faces. I would miss them too. I'm sad about summer being over too, but I am loving this "fall like" weather :) Anxious to hear how the school year goes for you... :)

andrea said...

Now, that is one sweet looking party hat! Job well done. Sounds like an exciting school year. Is there anything more for school to cover if you do your schedule, as I see it is pretty full on. Very impressive