Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Butterflies = Words

Stiff shorts, new shoes, morning showers, braided belts, green and blue plaid, mega bows, back packs stuffed with all things “first day of school”...

And yes, I loved having an excuse to buy saddle shoes.
And his smile says, yes, I have swarms of butterflies going on.
EVERY newly enrolled family I knew personally was waiting at the door to drop off their kids for the first day of school.  For a few minutes we were truly the ONLY ones standing at the door.  Dorks, I know.  Hilarious, but oh, what comfort for my two kids. And me.  We took pictures, compared uniforms and notebooks.  At 8:25 the doors opened and we all filed in.

This smile STILL says it.

Words were flying around the house all day yesterday and this morning-- at a speed with which my brain could not compete.  Both of my children tend to spew words like a fountain when they are a tad bit nervous--more like Niagra falls when they are truly rattled.  I forgot so much of what they said, but here is what I can remember of what soaked me through yesterday and on into the morning.

Last night--

Mom, remind me about getting my name on the board.  How do I not do that?

I really don’t think it’s fair that my teacher is going to take all my supplies.   Why doesn’t she take someone else’s?

I need a bowl in my room.  I think I am going to throw up.

{And I'm leaving out alleged tick sightings, coughing fits, and "I taste blood" comments.}

This morning--

I’m going to have to sit like this at school today-- {showed me}, because my stomach hurts and it needs room to move.

Dad!!  I love my new Bible.  It looks JUST LIKE yours except the cover the is different.
{Jeff bought them leather One Year Bibles so we could all read the Psalms together.  He left them on the hearth for them this morning.}

Mom, really, what if she gives me the 100 multiplication fact test today?? I could never do it real fast on my first day of school.

Will EVERYONE have a notebook JUST like this??  I mean, I know it won’t have their name on it but will it look JUST like mine but with their name on it?

What will happen to me if I untuck my shirt at school?

I’m so full {I heard “nervous” because this child usually wants to lick the bowl}.  My stomach just can’t take anymore oatmeal.

In the car--

Don’t put my back pack in the trunk!!!  I want to hold it.

I am so glad I am not an only child going to school.
{I thought they'd think it was silly when I told them to be sure to make eye contact and smile when they saw each other.  Family is just pure comfort.}

What if I am the only one with a green shirt on?  What if everyone wears white shirts today?

Mom, why do they call Christian Life Preparatory School "clips" when C-L-P-S really doesn't say ANYthing?  C-L-P-S just says "[something indecipherable]".

Mom, will you carry this?  And this? And this?

The Scriptures I read this morning really helped all my butterflies in my stomach, but there are a few who just weren’t listening.

I won't name the child who said 99% of these but I can tell you that the last one was Julia's........
and I understood that.  I have some of those proud butterflies from time to time.  The ones that just won't believe what the Father says to my heart.  Just like Him, He had specific reminders for us this morning in our regular Bible curriculum.

#1-- He created us to need Him for everything.
I had a feeling my kids would need Him for a few things today in a new environment, in a new learning situation two days a week, with a new teacher and new friends.
#2-- God is the only True and Almighty God. His is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.
It was a great review for them -- that He is more powerful than their fears, that He knew about this day before they were born and that He is WITH them, all the time.
#3-- From their Psalm 37 reading:
23 The Lord makes firm the steps
    of the one who delights in him;
24 though he may stumble, he will not fall,
    for the Lord upholds him with his hand.
We all need "firm" steps EVERY day, but how much more for our kids in school?  They need to hear that NO MATTER WHAT happens or what choices they make in or out of my presence is that "the Lord upholds him with His hand."

He is sitting much like he showed me he would.  At least he is looking toward the teacher.

She looks a little too happy with this new teacher idea.

These girls have known each other a LONG time.  This looked very normal to me.

Praying that He "makes firm [their] steps" and that they sense Him upholding them with His hand.


Christe said...

We'll miss seeing your faces at Science Etc., but I'm excited for Brighton and Julia and this new chapter!

his said...

Now do those look like the most well prepared, responsible, smart, kids you have ever seen? They were "made ready" by a good momma!


andrea said...

They both look gorgeous! Love their school outfits! What school are they going to?? How exciting and I bet a little sad for you as well.

Love the scripture you read for them before they went to school. That is something we all can benefit from!

Elaine said...

HA!!! on the "She looks a little too happy with this new teacher idea." My girls would be giddy!

So how was the first day????? So curious! Keep us posted.

Alyssa said...

Love hearing all their thoughts and that they were able to put their feelings into words on such an exciting day! You have prepared them well, and I know their teachers will affirm that.

nikki said...

i just loved reading this....can totally picture all those words:)
it thrills me that the next chapter for yours is in the same book as mine!
love you friend!!

TJ Wilson said...

darling pics, and had no idea cheeks were at clps! J looks super happy. Brighton, well, he'll look happy in your next batch of school pics i'm sure.

Leslie Bannister said...

So exciting for all of you! I KNOW they were so prepared. Fun to see ALL those kids together in one class.. so many sweet families at clps and I know they are glad to have the SANDERS there too now-
YOU MUST COME to the CLPS vs CCS football game this year!!!