Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{gifts 1163-1182}

neighbor girls

this yum {Thank you, Ed and Rita!}

Mrs. Summey’s love for us and her words for us

that in Him Truth is found....always

doughnuts at our door {Thanks, Cheeks, for making our morning!}

Jill, always asking what He’s teaching me

tickets to the Rangers game {Thanks, Chris!}

my dishwasher works {Tag team- Jeff and his Dad}

I said “yes” to “Sorry!”

friend using his gifts to bless our family

another friend using his business to do the same

having Jeff’s parents under our roof, around our table, in our home

butterflies everywhere

neighbor’s hand me downs

finding her in our misplaced “peace chair” in the garage

have I said it umpteen times?? SPRING!!

shopping with Meema

proud brother calling to brag on my niece {Way to go, Hunter!}

him, reading these blog books

that He is a sure foundation for all time, for all changes, for all of me

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