Tuesday, December 20, 2011

961.  Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God

962.  Christmas cards

963.  getting to be a part of this creative, talented group of kids

964.  Amy, who set up these great opportunities

965.  my brother and nephew asleep under my roof

966.  RJ and how he loves my children, his cousins

967.  my niece, Hunter, finding a ride to Texas

968.  her untainted Southern accent {and the snippets of my brother I see in her}

969.  Julia and Brighton’s excitement and love for their extended family

970.  that Sarah let us come “craft” with her and her handsome boys {take a peek here to meet one of the neatest families I know}

Learn to make these here on Sarah’s site.

971.  friends who loved on Hunter

972.  old friends, old stories, homemade Mexican and lots of laughs

973.  these four in MY front yard!

974.  Christmas lights

975.  friends visiting from FAR and near


{Austin- Yvette, it was fair to post this picture.  NONE of us have on make up!!}

976.  White Christmas and all its songs

977.  Mrs. Cox, Lover of Children and Sewer Extraordinaire

978.  Julia and Brighton’s words when we left Mrs. Cox’s house, “She’s an angel.” {J}, “We could call her ‘Angel Betty’!” {B}, “What would we do without her?” {B}, “I would have such a hole in my life.” {J}, “She’s a godly woman!” {B} ~ all this and our time with her warmed my heart...

979.  that Jesus came

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Tori said...

Thank you so much for the love that you and your family show to my sweet Memaw. She is SO abundantly blessed by it. She showed off Julia and Brighton's adorable gingerbread house to our whole family Christmas morning with such pride. I am almost finished with 'One Thousand Gifts', and I am working toward being more diligent about sharing my lists of things I'm thankful for. Thanks for sharing yours! Love you guys!