Wednesday, December 7, 2011

920.  Christmas shopping with Jeff, hands down the best husband shopper in the west {can think of only one other that might compete-- CW!!}

921.  childhood memories in these aqua boxes~ these dolls stop me in my tracks and I must look at every one.  Big sigh and bigger smile.

922.  still getting to shop toy stores

923.  free samples from Julia to welcome us home

924.  Remey and Kollin~ thanks, you two!

925.  evidence of a good little reading stop

926.  these notes under the, yes, BATHroom door  {I have to give thanks to keep me from torching them.}

927.  Julia cheering LOUDLY for her team {LSU}

928.  this changing face~ how I love it so

929.  Julia’s sadness seeking out her Daddy and later, quoting Mrs. Summey to help her heart

930.  traditions... and Mortimer’s Christmas Manger

931.  B’s passion for school project

932.  watching squirrels play in the treetops from Julia’s window

933.  borrowed bowls and borrowed recipes {thanks, TJ~ and Jamie}

934.  forgiveness, all around, for everyone

935.  man at Panera that let me know my PRICE tag was hanging out of my sweater

936.  the anticipation of this season.... the Advent... the wonder of it all and getting to share it in new ways with our kids as they mature each year

937.  prayers and coffee from Em {grateful to have you in our home, girl}

938.  car talks that do my heart good

939.  being challenged as never before by the “mystery of the gospel”

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Sarah said...

Now I'm really mad I didn't get any cobbler ;)