Tuesday, December 13, 2011

940.  girls {still} playing immigrants {thus the creative December garb}

941.  “rockin’ around the Christmas tree” with Brenda Lee and Julia’s friends

 942.  getting to have this group around my table~ so thankful for the way you bless my husband and serve our God by serving our city

 943.  Sugar Plum fairies upstairs

944.  Saturday for home

945.  20 years of candy making {and now we have helpers}

946.  friends that comfortably interrupt {read: bless us tremendously or just want us for our TV } our Sabbath

947.  opportunities bigger than I can imagine

948.  Kingdom minded pastors and churches

949.  my friend, who is as enthusiastic about Mexican food as I am

950.  65th birthdays for over the top special people

951.  extravagant homemade hospitality communicating love and admiration {Lana and Kristi, you blessed me while blessing her.}

952.  lunch with time tested friends, now grandmothers

953.   her excitement for times like this with no schoolwork hanging over her head

954.  toe socks

955.  these drawings that line my counters every year....to bless me and remind me

956.   vulnerability

957.  forgiveness and new mercies {can’t make my list too many times, yes?}

958.  Advent book from Emily

959.  anticipating FAMILY during the Christmas season {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

960.  angels that wear hats from the 101st Airborne


Emily said...

Can't believe I completely, totally, missed the Tarrant net Christmas gathering. The food was so good last year! When did all of this happen? Where are the leftovers?? ;)

Sarah said...

SO much to be thankful for here. Sweet days, these days are.