Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Little History: It does a body good.

If an invitation came along, without any thought of us, Julia would pack up her most treasured belongings in her suitcase before we could say, “We’ll miss you!” and move to Dallas Heritage Village.  As long as we promised to visit.  Jeff and I often say that she was born in the wrong time period.  She’d pick an afternoon at the antique store over just about anything.  It’s reflected in the books she chooses for her free reading, the costumes she picks for dress up events, and the scenarios she makes up in playing with friends.  Exactly.  What’s not to love about that?  Maybe she’ll ask for a horse and buggy for her sixteenth birthday.

 Maybe not.

Even Brighton has a little soft spot for the “back then” as he uses the term... way too loosely...as in referring to my childhood.  A few weeks ago, he came downstairs with a book in hand.  It was one on Pearl Harbor that I had picked up from the library sale one year.  He was distressed. He had the cover open pointing to the words, “Withdrawn from the [such and such school] library”.  “Why, Momma? Why would they take this out of their library??  Those kids need to know about this stuff.  This is really important!!"

We’ve been to Dallas Heritage Village every year since Julia was in  and it’s our favorite field trip.  Easy.  I always describe it as a miniature Williamsburg-- like so mini that you can see it in a couple of hours but oh so worth it!  They have different programs and activities going on all through the year.  I remember when it was election year, the “citizens” of the Village were in the middle of the election too for that time period.  As we visited their homes, we heard everyone’s opinions and arguments.  I think they call it a living museum.  I won’t go into all of it here because their website will do it just fine.  The craziest part is that it is right in the hub bub of Dallas.  You will see a skyscraper or two in the background of pictures.  It’s worth the trip.

Learning the medicinal qualities of plants

Somewhat different than a Wednesday night at Walgreens.  My Daddy, whose pharmacy practice is pushing 50, said, "NO THANKS!"
A Spectrometer

Trying out the Morse Code-- proving to be quite tricky

Something so simple causing such delight

My favorite house on the property

Resident potter’s handiwork

Forging a “courting candle"


General Store

The General Store has baskets with lists of items for which you can shop.  Julia was eager to please the storekeeper and use her money wisely.  She would have shopped every basket had we let her.  For Jeff, this will be his picture of Julia at 9 years old.  He loved watching her.

Can’t make it to Williamsburg this year?  Or next?  Drive the 45 minutes to Dallas Heritage Village.  Pack a picnic, blanket, camera, and some “slow down” potion and enjoy a little history. It’s good stuff.


Sarah said...

Sounds like fun. You've talked me into it!

Patti said...

How did I live in Dallas so many years and not know about this?? It looks terrific. I'd love to take the kids next time we are visiting.

I just read about Samuel Morse in David McCullough's newest book (The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris--highly recommend) and he was a fascinating man. Did you know he was an accomplished painter?? Apparently, that was his first love, and the telegraph was kind of a hobby.

Your photographs are always so, so lovely.