Tuesday, November 8, 2011

869.  November

870.  the kids’ nature journals

871.  turtlenecks

872.  Friday morning parenting pep talk

873.  discovering a book I wish I’d read years ago

874.  two generations of believers sharing a meal

875.  rye grass

876.  Saturday morning~ leftover fire and a quiet house

877.  being reminded of where to put the majority of my energy- trusting Him and enjoying His Presence

878.  time to be creative

879.  Skype~ full of surprises from Nanna and Papa

880.  pulling out the suitcases

881.  forgiveness

882.  celebrating friends

883.  really fun possibilities on the horizon

884.  God’s history of long faithfulness to my family


Sarah said...

Hmmm. Want to hear the fun possibilities on the horizon! And what book? Do tell!

Nacole said...

i loved the pictures through your photo journaling of your day discovering history!

this was my favorite: "two generations of believers sharing a meal". that is priceless.

blessings in His grace,