Tuesday, November 1, 2011

850.  that Game 7 is over (I am not going to count that but oh. my. goodness.  Misery.)

850.  times like this for Jeff and Brighton

His body took care of all the junk food approximately 12 hours later.  And he turns green at the mention of “honeybuns."
Yes, they are camping, in a galaxy far far away.  You’ve just never camped with Jeff.

851.  hydrocortisone for poison ivy~ again

852.  that Julia communicates like her Daddy

853.  celebrating significant days in her life

At the Italian Inn with all its GRAFFITI! {thus the note she left under the table glass}

854.  these ladies who love my family~ God’s grace

855.  letters from Alyssa and Emily to affirm Julia’s faith {treasures to keep}

856.  leaves falling

857.  messages from my nephew

858.  being trusted by a friend

859.  ending with a win!!

860.  packages from Blake

861.  that he thought he looked like Luke Skywalker- Jedi something (Lego guys aren’t very detailed)

862.  how Julia lights up with excitement all dressed up

863.  neighbors

864.  kids turning school day around {will ALWAYS record this!}

865.  celebrating with Pastor Cole

866.  ordered closets

867.  Jeff’s 20 years of knocking

868.  keys


Alyssa said...

Julia's new pearl necklace went perfectly with her dress! What fun costumes! So grateful to have been a part of last week's special moments.

TJ Wilson said...

oh my gosh - the MOVIE in the tent? Even Corbin could get into that!