Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fair Photos 2010

The reason Brighton goes to the fair

The reason Julia goes to the fair

This look means, I am loving my life right now.  She is petting sting rays and waiting to do this....

Feed it!!  She said it felt like a "sloppy kiss".

These creatures (leopard sting rays) almost seemed to pose for the picture.

Our "big picture" photographer, Brighton, made a fine photo.

 B couldn't be left out of the camera action-- never mind the people trying to EAT at the bench.

Our altar picture 2010-- someone ALWAYS offers to "make" our picture.  We've never asked and they have never asked WHY on this non-scenic BENCH!  You would have thought Jeff and I could have  chosen a better "fair spot" nine years ago!


Tori said...

Great pictures, as usual! Love Julia's cute hair cut! I miss seeing you guys!

Alyssa said...

Your pictures could be sold at the fair as postcards! So glad you keep the "bench" tradition.