Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brighton's Year in (lots of) Pictures 2010

Showing his brute strength!

Gingerbread house 2009

Maybe the last year I can post a picture like this-- checking to make sure if all the candy is still there.   Check out the hair.

On the carriage ride-- his Christmas wish

Their piano teacher-- at their Christmas recital

Christmas fun with friends

Puppy Christmas 2010

Hunter pulled his tooth last Christmas and they kept falling out all year!

B and cousin Michael
Doing what he does best

Amazing SNOW!!

First Father Son retreat 2010

Goofing off with Essie

"Fishin' " at Nanna and Papa's pond with RJ

Spring Break train ride

You have no idea how funny this picture is to our family.  If you have spent more than 2 minutes with B and Gabriel, this is what you see.

B's first musical

Putt Putt at Big Cedar

My favorite baseball moment

Attempting to drink water and play his harmonica at the same time-- a challenge he heard in the book, Hello Goodbye Window.  My brother had the perfect solution.

Picking Blackberries

Baseball with friends-- thanks for this great picture, Sarah!!

Thank you, Yucatan Taco Stand!

My favorite "toofless" picture

He is leashed to the door-- that is why he isn't nipping him.  Gabe does not look amused.

Looking at his sister to gain his confidence to jump!

Bungee Trampoline!

Picnic nap with Dad

Back atcha' B!  Happy Birthday!  It's been a fun year!

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Sarah said...

My favorite is the bed head. These photos are amazing... I bet it was fun to go through them all :)