Thursday, August 12, 2010

Raising Texans

I had an embarrassing phone conversation with my Mom the other day.  I temporarily forgot that Georgia was one of the first thirteen colonies.  Yikes. Maybe it was the heat.  I don't know but it made me sad.  I do LOVE Texas--and it's hard to beat this small town/big city Fort Worth.  I am starting my 18th year here but I think I'll always be a Georgia girl.  Even after all this time, the accent is still here and so is my love for pine trees, dogwoods and azaleas.  Later on that day, I checked with Julia and thankfully, she had not forgotten the original thirteen.  Mom texted me later and said I'd been gone from "God's country" too long.  Maybe so, but home is two places for me now- God's country or not.  

However, I am definitely raising two Texans.  This is a joke that has been made many times before but it is just so Texas typical, I couldn’t pass it up.  We were swimming with friends earlier in the summer and lunch- time hungry came with the blaring sun which had finally broken through the heavy cloud cover.  We got up to go over to where we had made picnics before, but Julia perked up and said, “Can we make our picnic up on the hill?”  I sort of glanced around not remembering any hill.  I looked at Nikki, confused.  She answered with shrugged shoulders. "What hill?" I finally asked.  “That one, Mom. Can we eat lunch up there?”  

You have to look closely, but there the crew is "up on the hill".  

I probably shouldn’t be advertising this, but, again, it’s classic Texan.  Eating breakfast the other day, Julia was quizzing Brighton on all his newly acquired Kindergarten knowledge.  He was breezing through his impromptu oral exam until she asked him to name the continents.  (He should be able to do this.  However, I have merely pointed them out on our map for him to name them.  I never had asked him to list them.)  He started out pretty good.  “Africa, Australia, North America, South America and......................TEXAS!”  


Alyssa said...


TJ Wilson said...

Yer teachin' hem rite!

nikki said...

tat ter was uh a good lunch on tat ter hill.

andrea said...

um...Not sure what you mean by using quotes in your reference to ‘the hill'....looks like one to me :-). Also when asked abroad where I am from, I never say the US (that is boring), I always say TEXAS! Not only does everyone seem to know where it is located on the US map, but it always gets a warmer welcome when traveling, than saying you are from the US.

Erica said...

I know I have said it before, but I just adore the way translate your thoughts into words! What a joy it is to read!
I loved our post about "Reality."
We have begun school, and I, too, need prayer for the "light" kind of days!
You've been on my heart as well about adoption.
Do you have posts about that journey as well?
The Lord is stirring things up in my heart right now...

Krista said...

E- I just made a new "label" for posts called "adopting"-- just scroll down on the left side and you will see the categories. I am happy to talk anytime about this sweet subject!!