Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Rite of Passage....

Need a laugh?  With a heat index of 111, I do.  Was there a right or wrong here?  Don't think so.  Was there a talk of "a time and place for everything" here?  Absolutely.  If you are easily offended, click on outta here.  

CAUTION:  Moms with only girls may be completely undone by the following video.  Watch at your own risk.  Not rated "E" for everyone.  However, if you do choose to show it to your girls, don't worry.  They will NOT repeat this behavior.  It is NOT in their genetic make up.

(I actually can't believe I am posting it.  He's just having WAY too much fun not to!  I recommend stopping the music before selecting "play".  It sort of ruins the effect.)
This one's for you, Blake!  You'll be so proud. 



nikki said...

ha! he is getting a workout! is the lick the palm before the placement his own doing-or has he been taught??

TJ Wilson said...

licking his palm- that's absolutely been taught. love the intensity on his face!

tanya said...

Little boy world! I may be overstepping the PC line on this one but I think you'll understand... My childhood friend, who also grew up in a house full of girls, was blessed with a son. He walked up to her the other day with all the enthusiasm only a boy could muster and said, "Mom! I can fart my leg!!"