Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bliss in "Mississip"

God has come through in SUCH a big way for us in the realm of babysitters.  I don’t even like to call them “sitters” because so very quickly they become so much more than that.  When someone genuinely falls in love with your kids, you genuinely fall in love with them.   Even though each of these young ladies of which I am thinking were a cinch to love from the very beginning, their love for Christ spilling over onto Julia and Brighton sealed the deal.   I STILL love each one of them.  I have been challenged by their faith, been inspired by their trust, and have been blown away as they have ministered to my family in their own unique ways.  Their relationships with Christ have been a beautiful thing for me to see unfold as I have gotten to know them better week by week, visit by visit.   God has used and is still using these girls in Julia and Brighton’s lives to help shape their character and their belief about Him.  I am forever grateful to Him for the jewels He has sent our way over the years.  As He has moved them on, we have had the absolute privilege of being a part of weddings, attending or throwing wedding and baby showers and even getting to keep and love on their sweet babies.  Now, THAT’S just plain cool.  
We were able to celebrate with one of them a couple of weekends ago and we couldn’t have been more honored to be there!  Remey is quieter than most of our past sitters but I had no trouble hearing her expressions of love to Julia and Brighton.  Most of them I wouldn’t know of until days or weeks later-- like a Sonic trip, a doughnut, ice cream, or Slushee to help celebrate a special day.  There were Christmas shopping outings, water balloon fights, ballet carpool, lots of baseball talk, a party of mine she and Layne rescued from failure, one particular early morning soccer game which involved a lost tooth and some of the kindest notes I’ve ever read left for me on my desk.  
And then one day before I left for Walgreens, I heard about him.  Just a little, but enough to know this could be good.  I’d seen the cute look on her face a few times before on some other special gals-- all unique in their stories:  Sara and Jorge, Carrie and Garrett, Katie and Christopher, Joanna and Nathan- precious couples that we still love very much.  Oh, but it was Remey’s turn and I was earnestly hoping and praying for God’s clear direction for her.  A side note here is my kids have been able to see (and somewhat understand) at least 3 of these godly courtships.  Julia heard numerous, age- appropriate dialogues about waiting on God’s timing, trusting Him for His best, making good choices and glorifying the Lord in relationships.  As these young men spent time in our home, Brighton was able to see them treat these special girls as the ladies they are, respectable and honorable.  Important to this momma?  Heavens, yes.  
After a couple of months, we were able to meet this handsome Kollin and liked him immediately.  When I learned he was secretly learning sign language in order to talk to Remey’s parents, I was already picturing Remey in a beautiful white dress.  And here she is.  (And cute Kollin too!  I love how he is holding her dress.)

Her random Saturday morning call in January didn’t surprise me one bit.  The wedding plans began and I think they hit WAY above the mark.  

My favorite thing about getting to be a small part of the festivities was meeting all of the amazing people that LOVE these two.  The level of character I have seen in Kollin and Remey has been shaped and sharpened by the Lord through many people--some with rich, long histories and some with short, special histories.   No doubt, I would be a sad case if it weren’t for people like this who loved me enough to share the truths of God’s Word-- the lovely stuff and the hard stuff. I was gently reminded -- now, THERE'S a treasure to store up in heaven.  My kids may not remember each girl as I do, but I will for priceless reasons.  They had a part in showing Julia and Brighton who God is and what He looks like.  They have and ARE painting quite the picture and for that, I am blissfully.......... grateful.

LOOK at ALL these cute girls!!!  They made Julia feel so comfortable and graciously included her in everything they could!

We were so excited that we were able to spend some time with this sweet sitter/friend, Layne.  She is changing her world through the children of First Baptist Church in Madison, Mississippi!

Getting the tie right.  He had no idea he was at least 15 years younger than the groomsmen.  He had his own little thing going on with all of them.

Gorgeous Remey

Loved this idea of the "crazy picture" of the bridal party.  

Don't you love the Vera Bradley ring pillow?

B never meets a stranger.  I asked them later what all he said and I was a bit surprised by some of it but not at all by the last thing, "Now, where is the food?  I am hungry."  The lady, DeAnne, played a significant role in Remey's life.  She's one I wish I had had more time to hang out with while there.

This was a highlight!  Jeff's parents!  We were able to spend some time with them for a few days after the wedding.  (Now you see why my husband is so handsome ; )

Remey, I love the boots-- and you too (more than the boots)!  We had a ball.  I've had a couple of cravings for Mama Hamil's over the last month.  Is that normal?  Our Wednesdays will never be the same.  And WHO will I EVER find that can talk ballet AND baseball???


Alyssa said...

BEAUTIFUL! Every single bit of it!

Jetsetter said...

Krista, your beautiful words never cease to amaze me. I feel so blessed to have been a part of your lives for so long now. I do have to admit I'm just a little jealous of each new babysitter :) Your kids are beautiful and continue to grow up so fast! Thanks for dinner!!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a great weekend for everyone. I know each of your Wednesday girls have been blessed by your family

TJ Wilson said...

beautiful tribute to a beautiful bride with a beautiful heart!