Tuesday, December 18, 2007

From the Backseat

Oh, what we hear from the backseat! Regretfully, no matter how hard I have tried to remember something until I could get to pen and paper, I have forgotten so many things Julia and Brighton have said while strapped in their car seats and now, boosters. So many conversations take place, so many things found out, so many funny things said, so many arguments to be worked through……….. many of which are worth remembering. Here are two from the last couple of weeks.

On our way to school the other morning, Brighton was himself in what I like to call “turbo mode” which is when any of his unique qualities are being magnified. Julia and I were listening to his questions and answering the ones he left time for, seemingly regurgitating any information he could muster up, all strung together by his infamous “ums”. Now, his “ums” that he has so cleverly found out, is his way to “keep the floor” so to speak. If he ends every thing he says with an “um” anyone who may attempt to speak can be quickly under the accusation of “unrupting” him, BY him. At this point, his future looks good as a politician because he would be the master of filibustering.
Anyway, as I looked in the rear view mirror, I could tell Julia was waiting for the “end” so she could say something. It was early and her patience was fresh, so she sat quietly. Finally, we passed a motorcycle which immediately took B’s brain and eyes to the outside, promptly shutting his mouth and she looked at me in the mirror, sighed and said, “Brighton is just full of ‘ums’ this morning, isn’t he, Momma”?

A few days later, we were on our way to get Julia outfitted for her costume for Celebrate Christmas. It was late in the day. Patience was not so fresh……..stale actually and an argument began. Julia was to be in the Jesus and the little children scene and Brighton was going to play at Jake’s house so Jeff and I could host some supporters. Well, Brighton started saying he was going to be in the scene with Julia. Julia kept correcting him and of course, Brighton argued emphatically with her. She tired of this quickly so as I watched her in the mirror, she folded her arms with exaggerated fashion, rolled her eyes much like someone else I know and let out a disgusted, “Oh, brother!” I quickly switched my eyes to him who looked a little perplexed at first but he quickly got it together and folded his arms- with a little trouble (she had done it so dramatically), rolled his eyes which looked more like looking at the ceiling of the car and let out an equally as disgusted, “Oh, sister!”
These "states of being" only happen on our 15 hour road trips to Georgia!!


Raechelle Ivy said...

I absolutely LOVE how you dress Julia!!! That shawl she is wearing is precious!!!
My blog has a new one about Holden's random comments also. They are hysterical, aren't they???

Merry Christmas, my friend!!

TJ Wilson said...

Love that little B - he and Bran could compete for most comments on a car ride! Enjoy your road trip to GA...