Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Exceeded Expectations

Have you ever been just so happy you did something? Wanted to do something special for someone and wondered if it really would turn out.......... well, special? We had our Kindergarten/First Grade Christmas Tea today with two honored guests, Mrs. Juanelle Winsor and Mrs. Betty Cox. Mrs. Winsor is our children's science teacher (bottom right hand corner) and Mrs. Cox is the girls' sewing teacher (left hand side in the pretty pink). Many pages could be written about both of these gracious ladies, so I won’t try to accomplish that here, but trust me, you want to BE these women. These ladies have invested so much into our little girls (and boys) so we wanted to somehow say “thank you”. Today was our effort.

With a captive audience of teachers, proud moms and friends, most all of the girls recited a poem, a hymn or a passage of Scripture in front of the Christmas tree. Miss Leah Sawyer even dazzled us with “Jingle Bells” on the violin! (Accompanied by her Mom with bells!) The girls did an incredible job of maintaining their poise in front of everyone and remembering what to say. I got the biggest kick out of watching the hand signals of the Moms when their girls needed prompting which wasn’t very often. There were two little girls in particular who didn’t like being “signaled”—my Julia being one of those.

Being true to their sweetness, Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Winsor took an opportunity to encourage us as moms which we all drank in as fast as they could roll the words off of their wise tongues. A couple of moms expressed their appreciation for them and told them how comforting it is to leave our children with women who love the Lord so much and who live out God’s word so clearly. Their intentional impact and natural influence cannot be measured.

During lunch, each child was to finish the statement, “What I love about Mrs. Cox/Mrs. Winsor is…………..”. Now, this was precious. I didn’t get to hear them all, but I did over hear one little boy tell Mrs. Winsor, was that he loved “the way she taught science and that she loved the Lord”. I also heard one little girl tell Mrs. Cox as she sat down beside her, “Mrs. Cox, I am so glad you are here today.”

I expected a sweet morning, excited little girls in all their Christmas finery, yummy food, good conversation, but I didn’t expect (oh, me of little faith) the party to be as big a blessing to our honored guests as it was. They both were so grateful and even teary at times, but when Mrs.Winsor told me this was her best gift AND that she had never felt so appreciated, I knew that the children had hit the mark--- accomplished the purpose. Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Winsor, whom we love so much, felt loved, honored and greatly appreciated. When I shut the door behind them, my first thought was, when can we do this again?? May this inspire you to “target” someone soon. It’ll make your year…… and quite possibly theirs.


kellie said...

what great strength you are putting in front of your children. I love strong women that are tamed by the Holy Spirit! :)

"Bluebonnet in the snow" said...

A tea party - what a creative gift! I love that the children had the opportunity to tell their teachers what they mean to them.

TJ Wilson said...

glad to see some snapshots of the morning, what a sweet time. Don't know Ms. Cox, but Juanelle is truly the epitome of refined strength and someone I hope to emulate. Awesome they both felt so honored!