Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Letter 2007

Did it sneak up on you like it did on me? It doesn’t make sense, really, since it seems like all the Christmas sparkle came out after the 4th of July. Nevertheless, it’s here, we are excited and I have 2 kids who started the countdown the day after Thanksgiving.
My sweet gal, Julia, still loves all things pink and loves for me to read her the poem “Why God Made Little Girls”. When she isn’t intently doing her “kindergarten work”, she spends much of her time trying to talk when Brighton takes a breath. She enjoys ballet and sewing class, which is another letter in itself. She savors her sweets like no one I know (except maybe for me) and she can somehow get 100 bites and a good hour out of one cookie.
What I learned new about her this year is that she can be a huge help to me and she has certainly gotten me out of a pinch or two. She loves to hear poetry and is not afraid of any insect- like creature. The closer she can get to it the better. She can hold her own up a rock climbing wall and my favorite thing about her is that she forgives quickly and easily.
As for my tow-headed little B, his handfuls of cars are slowly being replaced by balls and anything of Julia’s that may solicit a shriek from her. He is ALL about shirts with numbers on them (a.k.a. jerseys) and his favored teams are TCU and the Texas Rangers and on a good day of Mom training, the Georgia Bulldogs. He adores his sister and prefers her company over almost anyone else’s. His sweet grin is infectious and pretty much everyone he sees gets exposed. His most useful trait right now is that he is my walking talking calendar. At any moment, he can spout off the next 72 hours with ease. He manages to function off the nutrients of breakfast and a little lunch because dinner brings on fits of choking, gagging and retching, unless of course, I am serving up Dino Nuggets or Bagel Bites.
What I learned new about Brighton this year is that he is nocturnal. We hear pitter pats and doors creaking all hours it seems. He just doesn’t require much sleep! He’s pretty crafty with his words….so crafty that I think he could talk Popeye out of his last can of spinach. (not that he ever would but you know what I mean) My favorite thing about him is that he is always up for praying.
Tarrant NET is going great. Jeff continues to love what he is doing. We still are amazed at who God brings to be a part of carrying out His vision for unity among Christians. We have a new staff member, Sultan Cole, who is leading our Project Unite initiative in southeast Fort Worth. Thank you SO much to all who have supported us in a myriad of ways.
I have no complaints. I still do my pharmacy thing one evening a week at Walgreens but being Jeff’s wife and Julia and Brighton’s Mom just does it for me. My life is full in the best sense of the word and that, I know, is because I serve a gracious and merciful God.

Love to each of you this Christmas. May it be a happy one.

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