Wednesday, August 31, 2016

8 Days In

I didn’t get her picture before we left so I asked her to take a selfie since I knew there was no hope of a picture since I was dropping her off.  

This is so normal, I know…to drop kids off at school and come home to an empty house— a QUIET, empty house.  But FIVE days a week.  It’s really amazing.  Only 8 days in, I don’t know the full extent of the “amazing-ness” but everyday, I find it hard to believe that they will leave again the next day too.  And only 8 days in, I really can’t tell yet exactly how different I am going to feel.  I think mid October, maybe I’ll know?  All I know, it’s a very big deal.

The first week was good for both of them.  Julia had a couple of schedule snafus but other than getting lost like every other freshman, wondering what to wear and not being able to locate her locker for a week, she really enjoyed it.  This isn’t easy— brand new school, HIGH SCHOOL, 6A school {very large}, a handful of friends— I think she’s {I want to say ‘killing it’ but can a 45 year old say that?  Without people thinking, “she’s trying to talk hip”?}I think she’s doing swell.  Ha!  Anyway.  I am so proud of her.  God loves my girl— way more than I do and He’s using other people to show her that too.  Another mom offered to get some freshman girls together at a yogurt shop last Sunday just to give Julia more familiar faces to see in the halls.  When I thanked her later, she said, “Today was my pleasure and a glimpse of God’s love for Julia!”  My heart is full.

Get this— NO DRESS CODE.  Nada.  Zip.  It’s really hard to believe in 2016 but there’s not.  Julia left today in running shorts, long sleeve T-shirt and running shoes.  Second day for that look but she’s worn “real clothes" the other days.  I had no idea what she’d want to do.  Last week when she came down in above said outfit, no make-up {she doesn’t wear much but NO mascara or gloss) and her hair in a bun, I knew she was O-KAY.  Made me happy that she was comfortable in her bare and beautiful 14 year old skin.  For now.  Will continue to pray.  For lots of things.

Brighton didn’t have football practice on the first day of school so I didn’t drop him off until— another “get this”— 9:30!!  I’ve heard of this but wasn’t sure I really believed it.  But it’s true. And the sweetest thing that happened on day 1— There is a group of girls I have known since right before Julia was born and many of our children overlap in ages but hardly have ever schooled or even attended church together.  Two of my friends in that group had kids starting at McLean too. As I was inching down the street to drop him off, we saw one of the boys {and his mom} so B jumped out and I called Kellie to tell her B was running up behind them.  When they got to the front of the school, our other friend was there so they all got to go in together and walk each other to their homerooms— after Kelly explained to B what homeroom was.  And she was able to take this picture.  Again, my heart was full.

Thanks, KB, for taking this picture!
Back to the 9:30 drop off.  We only got ONE morning of that.  Football practice drop off is 6:30!!  Hello morning.  He’s rocking the alarm clock and ready to go. On time. Our Golden Retriever went without breakfast a couple of days as B was getting used to this new dark-thirty schedule {Gabe had lunch though when we realized}.  Gosh, I know B’s tired.  I told him this morning that this would be easier once they played their first game.  I watched him get out of the car this morning— in the dark— he was barefoot, carrying his shoes, glorious bed hair and too many pieces NOT in his backpack and sure enough, he left his lunch in the car.  I’m not sure if the left lunch was by design or not because, guess what?  He has an affinity for cafeteria food.  Of course he does.  Carbs and cheap meat are his favorite food groups.  I am not sure what we are going to do about that.

By about Tuesday last week {SECOND day of school}, he said, “I can’t believe I get to go back tomorrow!”  He truly loves it.  I went to his open house last night to meet his teachers— and some of his friends- and I could just tell, he LOVES it.  Going into situations like that for him are very natural and energizing even.  Not one atom in his body is introvert.  He thrives with all the people and all the interactions.  Now, let’s see if his heart and grades thrive. {So many prayers to pray!}

I cannot end this without a bit on pick ups/drop offs/carpool.  This was a brand-spanking new frontier for me.  I had no idea.  Really.  I am SO impressed with my friends who have done it for YEARS and not ONCE complained.  I am totally inspired.  The first day, it rained, so Monday night my friends assured me it was “pick up on steroids”.  But even then, I knew I needed to do something different.  Every day I have tried new routes and new times and I think I’ve got it.  Ballet started this week so I am trying some new streets for that and the piano time slot might be a lost cause but I am going to try really hard tomorrow.   Carpool is a BLESSING— surprised it isn’t mentioned in the Holy Scriptures somewhere.  To AVOID pick ups is the way to go so you really want to make carpool work.  However, you get to know the kids which is the upside of it being your day to drive.  Just say yes.

But did I mention I come home to a quiet, empty house FIVE days a week?  I can do crazy pick ups, no problem.


Yes, I do miss them.  It took me until Friday but B got out of here early that morning without my seeing him and about 2 o’clock, I thought, “I miss him”.   I went into this with my eyes wide open.  I know what I had with them for nine years.  TIME.  Lots of precious time.  We interacted all day and interacted fully all those years.  Some was ugly and some was GOLDEN.  Putting them in public school, I knew that would be gone. It is a sacrifice made.  I know I am missing a lot.  And I am okay with that— on the days I remember the Lord led us to here.  I have to trust Him with their time— to mold and shape them into who He has created them to be, to allow circumstances in their lives that drive them to Him, to develop more compassion for a larger sphere, and to begin to understand our world’s culture and how to interact IN it but not OF it.  {Prayers!!  Please!!}

Seriously.  Can all of that really happen in middle/high school??!  Who knows.  I think it’s a good starting place.  My heart is full of gratitude to a good and faithful God who loves my children way more than I do.


Emily said...

So great to hear things from your perspective. You have such a beautiful family and I see God working at every turn. Continued prayers for God's hand to shape B & J. Love these two!

Emily said...

So great to hear things from your perspective. You have such a beautiful family and I see God working at every turn. Continued prayers for God's hand to shape B & J. Love these two!