Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Indications of Poor Planning and Mind Being Elsewhere:

Overdue books at the library

Water spilling onto laptap, phone and addressed invitations while answering a math question--{I haven't moved that fast since I last saw a cockroach and my heroic efforts couldn't prevent my computer a trip to the hospital.}

Forgetting "No gifts, please" on my parents' 50th wedding anniversary invitations- {yes, the wet ones}-- causing quite the stir by....... my parents

Calling the beauty shop in my hometown, "Cutting Up", knowing it's the place to get the word out "No gifts, please"-- Laura obliged.  {I also called the bank and the church.  My accent was in high gear by noon.}

No bananas

Dialing the wrong area code- MY area code- to my hometown- several times- wondering if Plant Telephone had finally pulled the plug

Orange "low gas" light on in car

Agreeing to do invitations for a party you are "ghost hosting" only to realize there isn't time to order invitations and less time to MAKE them and flaking out on that job entirely {Snowy Bluebonnet, I really do want to celebrate with you!}

Index cards-- everywhere {my system that is not helping}

Figuring out you have a week to get 13 hours of CE to renew your pharmacy license- that should have been on poster board somewhere {Done. I'm legal.}

So, I've missed some writing time.  I lost it to articles on Diabetes, ACE Inhibitors, ARB's, Statins, Drug Adherence, Nutrition....  It was a necessity and I am glad it's finished.  I FEEL smarter but I know that's just a temporary illusion.

And this is just a temporary season.

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Sarah said...

I'm right there with you… I heard it doesn't get any better as our kids get older, but I'm choosing not to believe it ;)