Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Thanks.... and a Little Denial

I am in denial that tomorrow is the traditional mid-point of summer.  I feel like we are just getting into the post school groove!  Maybe today will be extra long, putting off tomorrow for as long as we can.  I'm enjoying these weeks way too much!  Here are my thanks:

These numbers on my Weather Bug app have motivated me to get out of bed these lazy mornings just so I can experience 66 degrees...... in summer...... in Texas.  Divine.  

A new hobby for B!!!!!  Woohooo!!  Baseball cards!!!  He still loves Legos but having two hobbies is GREAT.  He would list "Wii" too but I am in denial about that too. ; )  I live in the fantasy land that he would list "reading".

He brought home a slew of Jeff's cards from his room in Atlanta.
Pool friends!!  What would the pool be without friends?  I am SO thankful for the families at this pool and ALL THIER GREAT KIDS!!

I totally copied Jen Hatmaker's brag board.  The kids write on it too but today, it just happens to me and Emily bragging on the kids.  Thankful for many things here:  that I remembered to point out good things, that I see progress in the little things, that Em wanted to encourage the kids and went to the effort of doing it, and that Jeff and I had a date and that he took me to see the sneak preview of The Lone Ranger.  (I know I'm a bit off of their target market..... but it was SO entertaining!)

I can't say that I am thankful for swim meets that have warm ups at 7 am on a Saturday morning 45 minutes away!  This is how I got them out of bed:

I promised them doughnuts!  I am grateful for Coach Kathy and her enthusiasm for the swimmers and that Brighton enjoys it so much!  {and for blueberry doughnuts}

TCU babysitting class that prepared Julia so well and the friends who are allowing her to get experience in their home.  She had her first "job" yesterday babysitting Lily.  

These things were in her bag.  She really had a fun time.  Thanks, C and J!

Celebrating Emily and her 30th birthday!!!!  She turned 30 in Tanzania so we had a belated celebration at Mijos Fusion.  We LOVE this girl.

If this picture doesn't scream "summer" and "rental house" all in the same breath, I don't know what does. Grateful for our close quarters (seriously) and that they can have tents up and I don't care.

So thankful that Lance and Casey stayed in Waco because I get to see them and it brings my beloved Mrs. Summey and Melissa back here every now and then.  (We had permission to touch little Wade Briggs.)

Taking kids to the movies at 3:45 in the afternoon with friends
That B is content to read for Wii minutes
For meetings with extraordinary people
emails that encourage me to keep sowing seeds
the preschool classes at Watermark
Really amazing, precious babysitters
Author Elizabeth Musser-- great books, great writing
Beach anticipation!!!  Can't wait to be under the same roof with 17 of my favorite people.  I am in denial that RJ won't be there this year.  Sniff, sniff.


Emily said...

Why do I have my arms crossed!? Thanks for including me in your family. And that cake looks like a puppy...or something.

Alyssa said...

I'm in denial that Julia is old enough to babysit! She looks about 15 in that picture walking up to the house! Love the brag board & seeing all these pictures!

TJ Wilson said...

agh! No RJ??! How can it be the beach?
Love the pics, know most of the stories behind them, so I have my own imaginings of Brighton in his swim meets, but NEVER would have pictured the kids' room with tents and forts!