Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy to Be Here

We're here -- one eye on the weather radar, one eye on our hand of cards, and one hand around the handle of our beach bag.  {The mug of coffee not too far off.}  We were shut out yesterday but with the looks of the weather report of Sunday and today and the fact we enjoyed hours of sand time, we're going to be just fine.   

The trip down was uneventful for the most part.  This poster made me stop and wonder where I was for a moment.  We had just crossed the border and you know what I think about Florida-- north and south and this fit right into my north Florida stereotype.  Thanks, Wausau for not letting me down.   Just so sad I don't get to see the Possum King and Queen crowned. 

Although this brought gas station chuckles nothing was as funny as the melted dark chocolate cranberries that had fallen, no, smeared all over the back of Jeff's khaki shorts.  He's such a good sport when I nearly hyperventilate at his expense.  {Emily, it was definitely worth your trip to Trader Joe's!}

Always an exciting part of the drive-- this bridge.  Just imagine Surfin' USA blaring and our windows down.

The weather, as I said, has been unpredictable but the clouds and the sky have been something.  This is my favorite view out of the kitchen window.  I want to stay in that house with the tin roof one day.

I love that we have this foliage at the beach too.  It's just a lovely place in every direction.

First walk down is always one of the best.  We've missed it all year and now we actually get to step into it and pick up things familiar yet new.

I love how her freckles shine in the summer.

Early morning beach time is one of my favorites.  To have my first cup of coffee of the day with my toes in the sand watching these kids play--- doesn't happen near enough.

And Blake-- always ready for some foolishness with the kids-- the feeling is mutual regardless of how terrified they may look here!

And rainy days at the beach?  They cause people like me to download apps like Instagram.  What fun.  Seriously. {kristaleigh1} Here is B's breakfast of champions. {Who even has CHIPS as an offering at breakfast?!  I mean, I LOVE Mexican food for breakfast but I don't think my Hispanic friends do chips before 10 am}  You can pat me on the back next time you see me---for that breakfast my boy is eating.

Well, it's 6:45 and the pre-dinner festivities have begun.  The kitchen is smelling good.  Clean,  showered and sandless people are making their way to the main floor to taste all of this deliciousness they smell.  Let me just say cream cheese, jalepenos, and crab meat are involved.

RJ, we miss you.  But you know that, right?!


Alyssa said...

I'm loving that the rain allowed you time to blog while you're at the beach! It's fun to get a glimpse in real time and to not have to wait until you return.

TJ Wilson said...

ditto to bluebonnet - those clouds! amazing. and now for the sunny pics...

Emily said...

I'm enjoying my mental pic of the melted cranberries, although part of me grieves the lost deliciousness!