Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sad Here

Finding it difficult to think of anything but the families close by and in Oklahoma whose lives have been changed forever in the matter of minutes by the horrific storms.  I read words from a blogger friend a couple of weeks ago and have found myself thinking of them often.  The tragedies she spoke of were referring to ones concocted by deranged humans but the words still apply to the power of God's created nature.  Be encouraged and challenged by what she writes here.  Thank you, P, for sharing your thoughts.

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Patti said...

We were driving home from Florida yesterday and (not listening to the radio) had no idea what was happening. Then, just a couple of hours from home, we saw something tragic on the highway. I don't know if I'll be able to write about it. It was a small tragedy compared to what was transpiring in Oklahoma, but still really sad. Then I got home, got unpacked, got the kids in bed, and I finally sat down to look at the news on my computer. I happened to see a story about a woman who, apparently, prayed that her dog would be found alive. And he was. Of course I thought about the parents who, it is almost certain, prayed their children would be found alive, and got the worst possible news instead.

Natural disasters ARE harder, because the blame can't be directly related to a sinful human (not that this necessarily makes coping easier) and, I think, natural disasters and their sheer power do (and should?) remind us of the omnipotence of God, and the (sometimes incredibly destructive power) of His creation. Which, of course, invites the really hard questions. Anyway, I am so sad too.

Blessed be the name of the LORD, who gives and takes away..