Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baseball, Ballet........and Mother's Day

 As every Mother's Day weekend should be, our days were full of family, baseball, secrets, friends, ballet and food.  I had the privilege of my mom {and my daddy} being in town for Mother's Day.  They agreed to come even with no room to offer them in our home!  I promised good food and a taxi service {actually, a baseball game and a ballet recital} so they made the trip.

Daddy has had picture taken like this for what, like 40 years?  My brother played recreation ball and then in high school, Daddy's first grandson is still playing in college and this one is just getting started--even though now he declares that God made him for football.... and as of last week, golf, 10 seconds after he saw a son on the RiverCrest course with his dad.

I was snapping pictures beside his coach who quickly recognized that Brighton KNEW he was on camera.  He finally just yelled at him and told him to "Smile for Momma!"

Love me some baseball pants.

We had a great season playing with 6 boys from the same school-- not our school-- but they welcomed Brighton as though they had known him since Kindergarten.  Now B is ready to switch schools.........only until I told him they went a whole 5 days a week..... to which he said, "No, I'm good."

So do you recognized the kid smiling?  He's the same ham in the picture above--- the coach's son who evidently knows all about the camera.

Saturday were the ballet recitals-- one at 2 and one at 6:30.  Margo Dean School of Ballet performed The Wizard of Oz and Julia's class were Munchkins.

This sweet group of gals came to watch.  What a blessing friends are.

Mrs. Hartwell, her school teacher, made the trip in to watch the performance.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow, I know.

Again-- so blessed by friends and family

About 9pm on Saturday night, Brighton flipped out when he realized there was nothing for me FROM JUST HIM.  He wanted Jeff to take him somewhere RIGHT THEN.  Jeff got him up early Sunday morning and let B get a couple of things including the flowers above.  Here is the front of his card:

I was blessed with sweet cards, lovely flowers, many hugs and kisses, Blue Mesa brunch and a Mother's Day with my own mom.  Jeff, thank you for ALWAYS going above and beyond this day.  You place such great value on what God has called me to.  Thank you.

Thankful to celebrate this day but I also remember the days that I could not.  First thing Sunday morning, I thought of you, S and T.  I love you.  Always will.  More importantly, to you, I love Julia and Brighton with all I've got.  And I also thought of you ladies, who aren't mothers yet but so desperately want to be.  I pray God gives you the desires of your heart as you place your fragile hope in Him every moment.


Alyssa said...

Sounds like THE perfect Mother's Day weekend! And B's envelope -- can't help but grin!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a lovely, busy weekend. Love you... Happy Mother's Day, and I want to see that dance video soon.