Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Learning a New Language......Still

We all have so much, yes?  In every way.  I don’t give thanks near enough.  The pretty notebook sits on my kitchen counter begging to be tickled by pencil or pen, calling me to write the gifts down before they are forgotten, -- the dryer buzzer goes off, a child needs help with a math problem, a text comes in, my coffee is hot in the microwave... again... and I forget.  I’ve been encouraged for years by Jeff to seek out the good things in my life, my kids, my home, my marriage and when Ann Voskamp’s book came out a couple of years ago, it was just the final push I needed.  Because of what I know about giving thanks and the joy it brings, I have thought about it a lot as I have enjoyed this discipling relationship with Mrs. Horton.  One of the first ways I was challenged by the material was the question, “If I live today in obedience to this biblical truth {whatever I have read that day, or what I know to be true}, how will my life be different?”  Don’t read Philippians if you want to keep coasting-- or just don’t ask yourself that question.  Anyway.... just to take one verse.... I thought, if I take Philippians 2:14 seriously,  how would my life be different?  “Do everything without grumbling or arguing.”  Really?  That sounds awfully harsh.  I mean, I've got two kids and a dog and cooler sitting in my dining room because we really don't know where else to put it.  It’s fun to whine just a little bit, but it says “without”.  This won’t surprise you at all, but I haven’t talked near as much as I normally would have over these last few weeks.  I’ve certainly complained recently but I am much more aware of my sin {and the wisdom in asking forgiveness immediately} and how it affects anyone who hears and how it disrupts my own contentment.  Today, I feel the need to document some gratefulness.  I’ve got words stored up I haven’t used!


Words seem shallow to express my thankfulness to have a church home now.  When a form asks me "church home", I can answer with confidence. Thrilled to be a part of the body of Christ in Fort Worth.  Watermark -- joining great churches in our city in order to share the gospel.  There can never be too many avenues for that.

 I love it when we get to spend time with family in Georgia.  The kids love their cousins.

I was so glad to see RJ had HAIR again when he took off his batting helmet during his game!  They are showing off "hat hair".

That we got to see RJ's college apartment-- love being able to picture where he is

Love Julia's face

my kids experiencing the thrill of the catch-- and RJ's patience

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That these girls {cousins} enjoy each other SO much

Fred Cauble's vision for the Tarrant NET banquet-- wow -- the cake was only the beginning of creativity

"Miss H"-- my first Read 2 Win student.  She TOTALLY stole the show!!!

That I've known this girl long enough to be embarrassed of my hair style when we came across this old picture!!  I have no idea.

That we were able to SQUEEZE the piano in  -- and practicing piano can be scary and dangerous, thus the stuffed animal and batting helmet....

That Jeff makes sure this always gets done

He's always so proud of his eggs.

 This girl in my kitchen--- three of us were cooking and we all had about 2 feet of counter/table to ourselves.

Annual Easter pictures- NO RAIN!!!

I had to include this one from just a few years ago... the passed their roles to the little girls this year.

A zillion thanks over these few pictures-- sweet friends, something to truly celebrate, kids having a ball enjoying each other, traditions, fellowship, and memory after memory

Julia's heart to bless these girls with little homemade gifts

"Mr. R" who steals my heart every week-- he is doing SUPER.

FOUR Read2Win reading coaches in the hall at the school I help in

And a few more.....marriage conferences, Valentines from kids, Jessica's God stories and how I am challenged, inspired and encouraged by them, ice skating with the Andersons just because we can, no homework weekends, “favorite things”, laughing SO hard with good friends- husbands and wives, cooking with TJ, Seder Meal, Mrs. Horton, study halls with friends, track time/river time with the Cheeks, birds splashing in the sunshine, breakfast with Kathie, weekend with Julia, better school days, new music,  the privilege of encouraging someone, Craig's List date nights (yes, you read that right), Nik's Greek meal, Leslie's stories-- especially about a pig named Tocina, and baseball season and so much more...

I want to change my language.  With the Holy Spirit empowering me, I pray thankfulness is spoken more than anything else.  It's the language I want to pass down to my kids.


TJ Wilson said...

oh gosh - just when I thought I had a "fav" pic, that being Bright at the piano, I saw our Mother's Day dinner shot. And then the Easter ones with Jesus Christ Superstar girls in swimsuits. and then Ms. "H", who indeed stole the show. Oh, and RJ. Goodness! A lot to be grateful for. I am grateful for your list!

Sarah said...

Yes , we are indeed very blessed.

Alyssa said...

I love how you illustrate this thankfulness with pictures, but I hear you speaking it more often than you think.

andrea said...

Who is that young man I see in your pictures?! That good looking young chap can't be Brighton, can it?!

Man how time flies. Lovely positive words and thoughts to go with great memories captured by your camera. Thank you for sharing!