Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I've figured it out.  There is no privacy in our rental home.  Since our bedroom is a main thoroughfare- between the kids' room and the hallway to the rest of the house- I have to latch one door and put a rubber door stopper under the other to change clothes.  There's nowhere to hide.  Hide, you say?  Maybe, less available is a better term.  For me that means, there is nowhere to write.  And oh, do I have a bunch to say...  But at this point, my thoughts look like the cords behind our television cabinet and I think it will take hours to untangle them but my hopes are to possibly even discover a point.  I need the point.  I need to pick through it.  I need to frame it before it's gone.
We are still in full holiday mode here as the kids don't go back until next week so we've baked a few batches of cookies, we've read books, popped too much popcorn, watched movies, played with friends, earned a lot of Wii time, done all the Christmas gift crafts, stayed up too late, slept too late, had so much fun....... but I have not written.  And I look forward to doing that soon.

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