Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's Good to Remember

My friend, Sarah, {who I get to live life with right here in Fort Worth}starting doing this a couple of years ago, and I followed suit because I loved the idea.  I am not as intentional as she is about taking a picture for this year end collage, but, so far, I have managed to find a picture of my kids TOGETHER each month of the year-- and I feel the older they get, the harder that might be.  Even this year, my pickin’s were slim.  When I look through Sarah’s blog {and you should too}, she inspires me to keep my camera out and just snap.  Life happens and we need these moments frozen to help us to remember.  It’s good.

With moving from our home leading us right on into the holidays, I feel the kids’ faces have been a blur these last two months.  I’ve enjoyed looking for these pictures.  I am grateful to see them smiling and having some fun.  I know I have missed some pictures, some memories....And if their faces have been blur, I bet I’ve missed their hearts too. Can’t do that.

So here’s to 2012-- the year of change for us.  Yes, the house, but a myriad of other things too.  I am grateful for all of it.

January-- What Mom wouldn’t post this picture no less than a FEW times?  Thankful I had my camera on the counter and grateful to remember that school at home has given us some really sweet moments.

February-- School at Panera always turns them into lovie dovies.  Life is good and all is right in sibling-dom.  Cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, yes?

March- So does TV watching- minus all the sugar even!  When I look at how peaceful they are, I know why we are all so tempted to turn on the TV more for our kids.  Peace and quiet.

April- Cleaned up and spit shined.  Easter.  Jeff always wants to buy Julia and I at least one new thing to wear.  Very sweet.  I love seeing Brighton with his shirt tucked in and NO HAT!

May- Cousins from Atlanta came for a much anticipated visit and the hardest part was watching them leave.

June- Every fun summer begins at the lake swimming with the dog!  So thankful for Jeff’s vision of weekends on the lake.  I am ALWAYS glad when I get there.

July- Adventures in Odyssey Big Birthday Bash was worth the wait.  Love this ministry and these stories.

August- We had never had to buy this many school supplies EVER.  I threw them all out on the floor and then called out their lists.  They were feeling pretty important.  I think Brighton thanked me a hundred times.  Even tonight when he saw this picture he said, "Now THAT was a fun day!"

September- We miss our window seat.  Julia did a lot of her kindergarten year right there.

October- This is the first time the kids had seen cotton growing in the fields.  Soperton lends to many experiences that will be SOME of their best memories.  {They enjoy Atlanta just as much.}

November- Here is where the wheels came off!  I was glad I knew where my camera was the weekend we started moving.

December-- We had a wonderful Christmas in the bungalow.  They got their little matchbox mice to remind them of sleeping in the same tiny room together.

I've got the camera on my small desk in the bungalow-- ready.  I am taking pictures, but I probably won't think it's enough twenty years from now.  

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the compliments but laughing bc I feel like I've learned this partly from you. You've always been a pro of "making pictures" of everyday moments :) these pics are so cute. I have about 5 pics of my brother and I together. They will treasure these.