Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm not numbering my thankful list anymore....  I am always happy when I just write something down.  Some days, I don't even think about it-- even with the pages on my one kitchen counter.  Other days, seeing the gifts come easily and that day is always better.  

rainy days and nowhere to go

park with friends..... LOTS of friends

the available basketball goal next door

B inviting our lady neighbor to tea

passing the time like this

an empty day to fill

being invited to lunch, bundling up and walking there

the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit

Being surprised by this crew at my window at the pharmacy-- {These four and Alyssa make my night!}

a really good heater in the old, old house

blue prints {!!!}

reading with the kids at Manual Jara Elementary School {You kiddos make my Thursday!}

riding bikes to play dates

 extra kids who are extra fun around my table and in my kitchen

for their parents, this family, making sacrifices for foster children

for school days that allow time for this

beauty..... just for us

slumber party with the kids at Jeff's office

taking a wrong turn and ending up at Stir Crazy Bakery! YUM!  {and being able to buy the produce I needed at the grocery store!}

family dinner with the Cheeks

shopping with Emily

Mr. Cole who always gets Julia's sewing machine up to par and give great tips while he works

time to play rummy with B

getting these things under my pillow

Tarrant NET luncheon- pastors leading us in prayer

 Finding treats like this {Snickers} in my lab coat pocket from B to cheer me through my night at work

Having FOUR technicians behind the counter all at the same time!!!! This crew "techs" better than I will ever "pharmacy"-- could NOT get through 8 hours without them. Bring on the straight jacket.

Birthday surprises-- getting to be with friends and opening up a new headband!

And having DOUGHNUTS in the MIDDLE of a school day with the Cheeks.... {Thank you, girls!}

And the beautiful yellow roses from Uncle Blake a day late {His card said something like "Even awesome uncles can forget a birthday from time to time!"}  I hate to admit it, Blake, but you really are an awesome uncle.  But I can still beat your tail at rummy- -leaving you with a handFUL of cards.

the people of ACF and Jeff getting to preach there

getting these two boys together again after church

Father, I continue to ask you, help this to become my life-- giving thanks.  Not once a month or once a week but daily, in the moments while I am doing what you have called me to do.

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