Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I’ve been here before.  I’ve seen moving boxes in the midst of the orange of Thanksgiving.  But the last time, I had toddlers and I was FOREVER, it seemed, away from 40.  Then, I was trying to coax a little boy to walk and attempting to engage a vivacious little 3 year old girl in imaginative conversation while packing up the house.  Now while I pack up all that we call ours, those kids are making their own meals and I take ibuprofen at night for packing injuries.  We will be taking these boxes to a rental in a few days and in several months,  on to a house we will begin building in January.  {Please note the temporary address at the bottom.}

Since this IS a Christmas letter, I will only tell you the really sweet things about my children.  How could I break the Christmas letter tradition?!

Julia:  kind, laid back, my favorite helper, quick to forgive, capable of pulling off a dinner party single handedly, a reader of books, a good friend, thoughtful, graceful dancer and pianist, growing into a little lady before my eyes

Brighton:  Jeff’s shadow, funny, competitive, intuitive, persistent, clever, Lego master, creator of his own tunes on the piano, charming, ball player, first class little brother {takes his roles seriously as “picker” and protector, flower bring-er

Their biggest change is going to a school twice a week.  We complete assignments and new materials the other three days a week.  I have transitioned more into the helper and cheerleader than their primary teacher.  Now I just get to expose them to the things I enjoy.  I am grateful for their schedule which allows for more flexibility in the evenings.

Church-- We are more excited than you can imagine to be a part of the core group for the Watermark Ft. Worth start-up.  The schedule is “penciled in” but we are hoping to be “public” by Easter.

Tarrant NET-- In October, Tarrant NET officially kicked off Read2Win as the literacy program for the Fort Worth Independent School District.  Over the next few years, we will partner a church with each of the 86 elementary schools to provide reading coaches {church volunteers} to 1st graders.  Tarrant NET has been overwhelmed by the response of the churches in Fort Worth!  Jeff and I are enjoying our Thursday mornings at Manual Jara Elementary.  The kids we meet with are super excited each week-- and they are learning to read!

I am counting on some white space on the calendar come December.  I don’t want to miss this sweet season of celebrating when God’s set in motion His rescue plan for all of us.  He came.  Emmanuel.
Come let us adore Him.

It’s a happy morning.

Merry, Merry Christmas!

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