Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grateful Here

The piggy bank or rather, the oversized pickle jar, spilled more than we had guessed.  Ten years of chump change made this long anticipated trip all the more fun.  A small team of very special people made it possible for us to leave town early Friday morning and this gal could NOT be more grateful.

My thanksgiving.

Attention to detail {Julia Morgan built lovely buildings.}

the excitement of finding stores like this.... and then the anticipation of finding something special

Handmade signs and recommendations from little readers posted

getting pictures like these on my phone reminding me my kids are loved and happy

the fog, the rocks, the mountains by the beach

the fog clearing and turning into a place like this..

to buy a treat like this

Being reminded that the fruit is sweetest right off the VINE  {He is the true Vine.}

Having time to stop, just because it looks interesting

And mailboxes to mail letters home

And Mom and Dad who are making the rest of this week possible

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