Friday, July 27, 2012

Pericope: Summer Days

So this doesn’t happen during the school year-- kids coming in the bedroom while I am still in bed.  This actually freaks me out- like someone catching you misbehaving, not the I ever do but, you know.  I like to be the one waking them up-- for many reasons, but especially this reason.  A camera!  {note: I did not post this “extra large”.}

Packing coolers for the, if I could get paid for this.  Many mornings it seemed like I woke up, started getting ready to leave for the pool, and then it was, like, 11 o’clock.  A time warp, of sorts, entered my kitchen when the cooler rested on my kitchen floor.  I don’t get it.  Even just last week, it still happened.  I never got any faster.

Ahhhh.... getting to spend my tip money.  This bowl sits in my laundry room and I add all the money left in pockets of dirty laundry.  You can’t see all the change on the bottom but I racked up enough for several Starbucks stops.  I kept thinking Jeff might leave me a surprise in a pocket one day, but, sigh, he never caught on.

Sam’s run at 8 am-- I thought this funny as I stood in line with all the flatbed people who run little businesses or just eat mass quantities of a couple of kinds of food.  What other items could send a regular Joe to the Sam’s at 8 am?  Dog food, bananas, and whipped cream.  Of course.

Later “lights out” in the summertime gives the kids time in their rooms at night and they come up with ideas like this one.  Julia did this more when she was younger, so I loved finding her here on her window seat one morning.  I love that we are STILL using her curtains from her nursery that my momma made AND that she still loves them.

I posted this picture not too long ago but it’s a favorite because it reminds me of the different pace of summer.  I can’t really say that about June since we maxed out the spaces on the calendar and tested our ability to go and go and go all day long and be nice to each other.  {I got a big fat F.}  But, thankfully, July has sung a different song.  And I liked it.  And I am not ready for it to be over.  And I really want to glue down the July page.  Wonder if it would work.... I just might try it.

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andrea said...

LOVE the picture of daddy and his little girl, dancing together. You are very brave posting a morning bed shot...I guess you are keeping it real :-)