Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{gifts 1081-1103}

uneventful travel- no delays, safety

parents at baggage claim

homemade chocolate chips cookies in Mom’s back seat

dining table full {but missing one or two and feeling it}

B filling role of Papa’s sidekick almost all weekend {and Papa letting him}

that Hunter’s soccer game wasn’t rained out {and they won!}

azaleas in vases

the country

time with just Blake and Adele

double headers under a beautiful blue sky {and winning both games!}

that he heard her cheering and came out of the dugout to see her

that Brighton got to chase foul balls all day

that her picture was hanging in his dorm room

that Angie actually had an extra phone cover in her purse for my shattered phone

Mom playing, Julia singing

a place for Sunday brunch like this

with a buffet like this

still serving Coke like this

getting to hang out with Molly and her two boys Monday morning {She and her husband are ministering together beautifully and effectively in my home church.}

Mary Alice

that she wanted to go see JuJu

these four, so far apart in age, are making memories together anyway {best cousins ever!!}

being home with Jeff


Alyssa said...

That sounds like a perfect week!

Lynda Meyers said...

Krista - It's beens so long since I've visited your blog! What wonderful pictures and news of all the happenings in your life - I love that you're still writing, still doing this thing called life with such style and grace...

I've finally published my novel (http://www.lettersfromtheledge.com), but not under the pen name (Madison Richards) for a multitude of reasons. I'm now using my given name to write under, and the fairy tale you read so long ago may just be next out of the publishing shute!

Anyway, so glad you're doing well. Grace to you and yours!

Lynda Meyers