Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pericope II {parts of the whole}

When days string together and before you know it, it’s March 1st when you feel like maybe you are just getting in the groove of the new school year, you have to trust Someone is working in the background making some sense, some headway of all you hope to accomplish.  Not the homework, not the housework but the heart work.  I am trusting Him for that-- that as we live these days together, we sense His Presence, His Peace and His Pleasure, putting the pieces together to make a wonderful story for His glory.  May He produce much fruit in the mundane workings of our home.

B’s Big Opinion

These writing assignments in Shurley Grammar are my worst enemy and sometimes the funniest part of my day.  Each one is a “keeper” but this one from yesterday was so relatable, that I had to share.  Brighton’s eight, so don’t get bogged down~ like I do ~ in his tenses and forms and his obvious effort to get finished with this thing as soon as possible.  He followed his “Three Point Expository Paragraph” outline to a T.  Just go with his content.

My Least Favorite Food
I have three reasons why I do not like broccoli.  These things are it is green, it tastes funny and I do not like the trunk.  My first reason why I do not like broccoli is it is green.  I don’t like it because it is the color of a witch’s nose.  My second reason is it tastes funny.  I don’t like the taste of it.  My last reason is the trunk.  I do not like the trunk because it is gross.  That is why I do not like broccoli.  

And there you have it.  B’s big opinion.  {He eats it twice a week..... with a little drama.}


I have written entire posts on pencils so I won’t go into much here except that they disappear quicker than ponytail holders and socks..... or maybe a close tie.  I think each child started out with 24 pencils in their desks in August and by January, no one could find a pencil.  That’s almost 2 pencils a week- MIA.  Oh, they’d figure out something---  find one in the door jamb or a windowsill or on the kitchen floor.  But that takes time and time is precious, not to be wasted on looking for pencils.  {!!!!!!!!}
We had a big weekend of cleaning out, retiring toys they have outgrown and finding new homes for the lonely ones that stay in the closet.  All spaces were exposed, emptied and thinned out.........and the mystery of the pencils was solved.

And for the record, I also found seven~yes, SEVEN~ pairs of scissors between their rooms.  I can’t EVEN comment on that.

Taking Care of Business

I remember Julia telling me there was a big hole in her sheet, so large that her foot would go through it during the night.  Easy fix, right?  Just change the sheet.  I could not remember if the extra twin sheet for her bed was in the upstairs closet or in the lake tote in the garage..........so I didn’t take care of it right then.  She mentioned a couple of more times when I was doing something critical, I am sure.  I kept giving her the infamous Mom answer, “I’ll get it.”  Last week, when I was helping her clean up  her room, I remembered her worn out sheet.  I threw back the quilt to remove her sheets and was startled by this.

She’d finally given up on my “I’ll get it” and just did what she could.  She now has NEW sheets on her bed.

Three knots in our string of days this last week..... can He redeem pencil hoarders??  Momma’s who neglect laundry?  Boys fixated on witch’s noses?


Alyssa said...

So funny! Great way to end my day!!

Emily said...

Love the new quote by Martin Luther. So great.

TJ Wilson said...

hilarious. witch's nose. my fav.

andrea said...

I just love that whole post.
....and give that poor boy some ranch dressing or homemade cheese sauce to dip that broccoli in (if you make them from scratch you can lighten them up some :-)