Tuesday, January 3, 2012

980.  Saturday mornings and Tom and Jerry

981.  getting to spend an afternoon with Dr. and Mrs. Garrett

982.  secrets of Christmas Eve

983.  her last ten dollars for Daddy’s gun fund

984.  these awkward hugs

985.  that Jeff ordered a squirrel ornament~ to remember one of our funnier family stories

986.  handmade gifts

987.  giving him Bullseye {What will be the last toy I buy?}

988.  Jeff’s thoughtful gifts

989.  that she got up with us

990.  B’s unbridled enthusiasm

991.  Julia’s love of books

992.  eating His birthday cake once a year

993.  his persistence with Legos

994.  Jeff and I being able to return to the homes in which we grew up ~what a gift

995.  our parents who never stop serving the ones they love {and there is nothing like a Mom’s hospitality}  Thank you!!!!!

996.  Denise’s 14 layer chocolate cake {you would put it on your list too}

997.  Momma’s kitchen~ good stuff has always happened here

998.  that my nephew has chosen this young lady to spend most of his time with over the last 3 {?} years

999.  the mess of Christmas

1000.  that my Daddy remembered

1001. this crazy family

1002.  playing games after dinner

1003.  that Jeff got to hunt twice

1004. Candlelight service in my home church

1005.  Jesus’s birthday party at John and Denise’s

1006.  Church on Christmas morning

1007.  my kids knowing Daddy’s woods better than me

1008.  grown up nieces and nephews

1009.  cousin sleepovers at Meema’s

1010.  three tables of family at Chili’s

1011.  Saturday morning birthday parties {and camera tips from Sarah}

1012.  copied devotional from a friend

1013.  the Lord’s Supper with friends

1014.  that I am never too much for  Him


glorygirl said...

What a great list of Christmas gifts! Love that you were able to participate in your son's conversation about God. As a mama of two talkers, I know the temptation to tune out sometimes :) Discovered your blog from Ann's and will be back! Happy New Year! May God bring you many more sweet gifts in 2012!!!

Lisa said...

A very insightful note that you've placed in your sidebar: the 'warm fuzzes'. Such honest words.

Margie said...

Notice you're over 1000! Congratulations. Great post and great list.