Tuesday, February 8, 2011

163.  spark of long held hope fanned in my "growing up" church

164.  snow days

165.  fire in the fireplace from good morning to good night

166.  unexpected time given, waiting for a memory...... or a really good book

167.  Wind pink cheeks

168.  Snacky meals

169.  the encouragement of strangers, yet sisters

170.  for now, being her preference

171.  a day of contrast to remind me of grace

172. bedroom window revealing a fresh blanket of perfect snow

173.  first snow steps crunch

174.  snowy day playdate

175. borrowed plastic sleds

176.  sharing friends with friends

176.  my first repeat, but I can't help it-- Brighton's hat flaps, flying fun  (affectionately called his "puppy hat")

177.  cooked caramel icing

178. board games

179.  one who taught me Him still sowing seeds in my family

180.  provisions unexpected...............grace


Alyssa said...

And a new gift of snow today! I'm so glad y'all made the most of last week's snow. Great memories and gifts captured here!

Chris said...

my fav is Esther in full camo.

Chris said...

oops, that was Sarah, not Chris!