Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Rain

It seems appropriate to record her words today as the heavens seemed to have sprung a leak the last couple of days.  Sometimes we go so long without rain that we forget the lovely sound it creates as it drips upon and pelts our home sweet homes.  There's no better sleeping than under the soakers we've had the last forty-eight hours.  It makes rolling back the covers and putting your feet on the floor an Olympic challenge.  Or is that just me?  So in celebration of rain this morning and its refreshing, glorious sound (and my ability to be upright at the moment)---from my dry chair to wherever you are-- Julia's very eight year old words.

The rain is coming 
On roofs, on grass, on roads, on cars.
The rain is coming;  what will we do?
Will we hide or will we stay inside?
Which would you choose?
I hope you decide soon 
because it has