Saturday, September 25, 2010

My 40th List

My Jeff affectionately called it “The 40 Days of 40”.  On August 7th, his carefully planned operation began.  For forty days, my friends and family sent notes or flowers or coffee or emails or left small gifts at my door or better yet, came for a personal visit!  How often does a good friend bring coffee on a Saturday morning and sits in the floor for a chat?  How often do we send notes or emails telling someone how much they mean to us?  How often do we fix up a little sussy just to bless a friend?  I wasn’t prepared for my heart’s reaction to the love expressed to me.  Nor how it would humble me.  All the focus on me was uncomfortable but a couple of friends continually reminded me to “receive it” and so I did.  I am full.  Full to bursting.  
My birthday has come and gone and the last of the celebration plans has come to an end.  Here is the list of things that I don’t want to forget:
My husband’s anticipation of all his scheming and planning
40 days of having love expressed in so many different ways
The party which theme I did not know until I walked up to it (Moonlight Serenade-- the 1940’s)
Being completely celebrated by Jeff and realizing his love for me makes me a different person
My mentor and dear friend, Denise flying in for a couple of days AND the party
Communicating my heart to special friends
A Bible with a personal note from my son’s namesake’s wife, Vonette Bright
A big brother’s letter to always treasure
Having the security of Julia about my neck as people “toasted” me at the party

Feeling sick the night before our beach trip
Packing for a week in a carry on
Feeling so badly when I arrived at the beach, I think I laid on the couch and watched Minnesota (????) play football
Thanking God for the power of a Z-pack by Sunday
Conversation that made me think
Reading books by authors I had never heard of before
Guacamole and chips on the beach

Not going to the beach without a handful of Kleenex and using every last one of them-- twice
Heartfelt prayer time
Watching JAWS
Books that surprised me
Closing down the outlet mall in Destin
Being outshopped by two men
Missing my kids
Feeling the need to explain to the FedEx lady I saw in the restroom why I was there in a bathing suit, at noon, on a Wednesday, in September.  I didn’t.
Leaving the beach because I was cold
Writing my first poem
Not being able to leave the Key without a whelk and moon shell
And after yet another grace gift of time alone at the beach, feeling the need and desire to go home

Jeff (and crew) transformed our carport (!!) into a perfect place to have dinner with friends.

Sultan, Jeff's partner in crime at Tarrant NET, and his cute wife, Kandice

Denise flew in from Georgia and stole the 1940's show!  When we texted pictures to her husband, his response was, "Will you marry me?"

Handsome hubbies

  He deserved a thousand kisses more!  Thank you, Jeff.  It was unforgettable!


Alyssa said...

I sure hope I didn't give you an extra birthday gift in the form of a sinus infection! Glad you are feeling better and loved seeing these pictures! I can't wait to read the poem you wrote!

tanya said...

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Lady!

nikki said...

so great! need a beach de-brief you!

Sarah said...

I am just thinking that celebrating all of our 40th birthdays is going to be really a lot of FUN! Thanks for starting us off with a bang, Jeff & Krista!