Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beach Trip Facts 2010

One piece of shrimp (fish bait) left in a swim suit pocket can ruin an entire load of laundry.

I still scream like a middle schooler when we go “crabbing” at night.
My 15 year old niece is one of the prettiest girls I know.
My city boy husband fishes just fine.  But his fishing stories are just like everybody else’s.  

It is possible to play Hand and Foot and Words with Friends simultaneously.
My cousin, Patty, still laughs like she did when she was six.  Absolutely contagious.
Charles Martin got my beach reading time AGAIN.  (This year it was “Chasing Fireflies”.  Enthralled AGAIN......)
When your 17 year old nephew asks you to go somewhere with him, you drop what you are doing and get in the truck.
All it takes for 6 year old Barrett to have “the best day ever” is fireworks lighting up the night while he is chasing crabs with his handy net. 
It wasn’t the same without Alaskan travelers Uncle George and Aunt Patsy.  (UG--do you have any idea how many Lady Fingers you eat every summer?) 
Books can’t compete with handheld video games.
Bill took four naps in one day.
I will never tire of looking at shells.
I will also never tire of eating Blake’s homemade tortilla chips and salsa.
My nephew has a pretty good aim with a 5 gallon bucket of water from 3 stories high.  (especially when Jeff is the target)
I really can finish a card game that starts at midnight.
Four year old, Ivey, really can stay up passed midnight---without coffee. 
Sand is still as annoying as ever--especially when combined with sunscreen.
My 42 year old brother can still say things like, “If I have to deal, I am going to bed,” and get away with it.

Julia has more tolerance for sand than her brother.
I can eat a plate full of food even when I am not hungry.
My niece is not ready for Jeff’s concentration of coffee. 

In the ocean, I see more of Julia's feet than I do her head.
Nothing tickles my brother more than attempts to embarrass my husband.
The exact same gloominess covers me up every year on Friday afternoon as we clear the beach of buckets, shovels, nets, boogie boards, chairs and tents.
Besides home, the beach is still my favorite place.

Our path to LOTS of fun!

Jeff defying gravity with our firstborn

Jeff forgetting his namesake was holding on in the back

Brighton describing his near death experience

RJ and his friend-- see, they DON'T talk-- they TEXT!!  (I like the "friend" a lot!)

I really didn't "see" these two until I saw them through my lens that night.  Blake, good thing you married Adele.  They are gorgeous.

The feet I kept seeing

Ivey giving Brighton a few pointers on the Game Boy

Brighton fishing with PaPaw-- or annoying PaPaw--- you pick.

Every night- notice phones for Words with Friends (for the overachievers in the crowd) and cups are, sadly, empty.


Sarah said...

Wow! Can I just say that I love all these pics! The pic with Julia walking on the beach is my favorite. Wow! Pics and memories you will treasure always. Now it's the race to see how fast you can get these hung in your house, b/c you hold the record in my book! :)

Alyssa said...

The new photo at the top of your blog is GORGEOUS! And, I, too, love the picture of Julia looking down in contemplative mode. Such a fun group!

tanya said...

I love your new header photo too! And all of the beach pictures. Absolutely beautiful.

"When your 17 year old nephew asks you to go somewhere with him, you drop what you are doing and get in the truck." Love it.

Kathie said...

Krista, so good to look at the great pictures. Everyone (the kids) is growing up, the rest are growing old! ha.

TJ Wilson said...

i cannot, cannot get over jeff on that jet ski - crazy man!