Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 Lake "Firsts"

First Swim

First Big Bertha Fun

First Jumps

Well, I just liked this one.

First Gabe Swim

First Try

First Time on the Wakeboard!

How did we get to "here"???


TJ Wilson said...

Go B - and Julia looks 12!

nikki said...

first time (this season) we took anderson's to lake with us? let's get on that post!

Sarah said...

And you didn't mention the snake? We need to get you on a Minnesota lake :) Great pictures, and great family fun. Your kids will keep these memories with them forever.

Krista said...

N-- you made me laugh OUT LOUD!! Let's whip out the calendars this afternoon!
S-- only ONE snake this trip! I bet you can't wait to go jump in with us this summer! ; )

Alyssa said...

So fun!! I think Gabe needs to be on snake patrol, though.