Friday, April 2, 2010

The Darkening

"This was the darkest day in history. The Son of God Himself was killed by people who weren't satisfied simply to reject Him; they couldn't stand to have Him exist."
Noel Piper

"In Him the enslaved find redemption, the guilty pardon, the unholy renovation; In Him are everlasting strength for the weak, unsearchable riches for the needy, treasures of wisdom and knowledge for the ignorant, fulness for the empty.
At Thy gracious call I hear, take, come, apply, receive His grace, not only submit to His mercy but acquiesce in it, not only glory in the cross but in Him crucified and slain, not only joy in forgiveness but in the One through whom redemption comes."
Valley of Vision

From the Tenebrae (the darkening) service tonight:

This is the evening before the morning.....
The shadow in the sunlight...
The darkening before the dawn....

Our Easter Garden idea from here.